Mr. Hicham El Hajj: “Beirut Ma Btmoot” [Beirut does not die]

The talented singer Bambi discovered yesterday (see earlier post with his more joyful song, if you wish) is still on her mind this morning :). This is how she just discovered a video of his VERY powerful song about Beirut (produced in July, 2021, almost a year after its surrealistic port blast).

As a reminder, the Beirut blast remains unaccountable (welcome to Lebanon’s notorious impunity…). Another opportunity here to say, once again, bravo and best wishes to the Honourable Judge Tarek Bitar, leading the investigation of the Beirut explosion. Same for all those who believe in the the rule of law (some of them lost their lives because of their principles).

The song has English lyrics!

Of note, the video shows some brief moving images of destruction and injured people from the Beirut blast. It also features more beautiful images of Beirut and of the Cedars of Lebanon.

To conclude, Bambi will just say: Thank you Mr. Hicham El Hajj. Your song is highly recommended to listen to… especially by Lebanese politicians!

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