Fairouz: Thank you for your unique and unifying singing voice

Bambi has been listening to this fantastic song (or is it a prayer?) for two evenings in a row while working.

Yes, it soothing and simply beautiful, especially when we understand its deep spiritual meaning. Even if we do not understand it all, we still do somehow. Indeed, Fairouz’ voice is a guiding light of hope in the middle of her country’s darkest days that we sadly (and hopelessly) read about from far away.

Mind you, the picture shown in the video below could have been taken by Bambi (she has the same one from her last trip to Beirut in December 2019). It is the downtown area. It shows the nice Maronite church of Saint George and the beautiful Mohammad Al-Amin Mosque that coexist, side by side, in Downtown Beirut (Lebanon).

In this Mediterranean tiny country of the Middle East, you see many worship places sometimes sharing the same wall: on on side, it is a church (whether Greek Orthodox, Roman Catholic/Maronite, Protestant, etc.) and on the other it is a mosque (whether Sunni, Shia, etc.) or a Druze temple, etc. Very charming, to say the least.

One thought on “Fairouz: Thank you for your unique and unifying singing voice”

  1. As always, Fairouz is singing so beautifully. Churches and mosques side by side, sharing the same walls. Reminds us that we should always see and treat each other as humans who can live together in peace. May it become a reality some day.

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