Ms. Hiba Tawaji: Christmas songs in Arabic, English, and French

Bambi cannot go to bed without sharing the talented voice of Ms. Hiba Tawaji singing for Christmas!

The concert in question took place in Beirut in December 2019 and was re-broadcast in January 2020. Bambi was in Beirut at this time for her last trip there before the pandemic. She recalls having watched Ms. Hiba Tawaji’ concert live on TV, with her mom and dad.

At the time, Lebanon was already sinking into misery following the financial crash of the Ponzi scheme of its banking sector. This has resulted in a revolution (or revolt of the people) on December 17, 2019.

Anyhow, without much blahblahblah from Bambi, here are three songs from this concert, hoping you will enjoy them.

To conclude this brief post, Bambi is thinking of her parents now as well as two dear friends, Jacinthe and Alexis, if they happen to be reading. Jacinthe, you will recognize “Laylat Id” (or Jingle Bells in Arabic). Bambi has fond memories of you singing it in Arabic :). As for you Alexis, you are right, Bambi is in the mood and ready for Christmas :)!

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