Bravo to Québec for standing up to defend academic freedom at its universities!

Bambi would like to thank her father-in-law for sharing the information below:

According to a recent report, classrooms are not “safe spaces” and, to protect the concept of academic freedom, a law may be required.

It is very sad that we got to such a low point of intellectual degradation at our universities (and by extension in our societies) that our governments need to interfere.

Of course, as usual, Québec is a leader when it comes to fighting obscurantism.

In Canada, la Belle Province remains a precious bastion of anti-wokism. Hence all the attacks against its bills and culture, according to Bambi’ non-expert citizen’s opinion.

Make no mistake, we may perhaps eventually hear voices, from within this province, opposing such bill from either the official opposition or from within the universities themselves even. Some may perhaps even call such a bill racist or anti-EDI (Equity, diversity,inclusion) or whatever other absurd name? Could it be? And what would be the role of our federal government in this?

Regardless, it is HIGHLY reassuring to read about Québec lawmakers wanting to try to take a legal action to save what is left of academic freedom at our universities. Bravo!

Here are two articles on the topic from the CBC and CTV News (English content):

Here is an article from the Journal de Montréal (French content):

Thank you Québec for giving Bambi hope about intellectual diversity at our higher education institutions. To conclude this post, here is a meaningful German song (like the main theme of this blog). Yes, here is “Die Gedanken sind frei”! Some of the readers may understand it. Others may wish to read the English sub-titles.

3 thoughts on “Bravo to Québec for standing up to defend academic freedom at its universities!”

  1. Thank you dear Bambi for your kind words. Context always matters. And it’s clear in this case that the context was to illustrate “subversive resignification”. The inability to understand context is a hallmark of fundamentalism, and a sign of a lack of hermeneutic reflection. We should also in my opinion reconsider the significance of authorial intent, the importance of which has been downplayed in postmodern hermeneutics.

  2. Die Gedanken sind frei- a basic prerequisite for the development of democratic societies, for meaningful debate and for unbiased research. Free thought and debate sometimes also create bad ideas, but overall they ensure that the best and most adequate ideas become part of the discussion and thus only free thought can create real progress in both theory and practice.

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