Thank you, Mr. Blanchet, for denouncing (once again) how Canada is smearing the image of Québec abroad!

Why is Mr. Trudeau telling Canada that he won’t step into Bill 21debate while Mr. Bob Rae is telling the UN/World that Bill 21 is discriminatory AND counter to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (

Why does Ottawa keep stepping into provincial jurisdictions at all levels, from education to health to Québec’s own matters when it comes to its bills (21, 96, etc.)?

When will Ottawa respect Québec’ history/culture and… jurisdiction?

Bambi will stop here. Below you can see the tweets of Mr. Yves-François Blanchet (bravo and thank you), Mr. Bob Rae (how sad and shocking) and Mr. Housefather (not too impressive, especially for a Québecker and a lawmaker who should know better about the history/culture of his home province as well as the essence of Bill 21


4 thoughts on “Thank you, Mr. Blanchet, for denouncing (once again) how Canada is smearing the image of Québec abroad!”

  1. Anthony Housefather made an excellent point which Bambi posted, above. There was much confusion over the terms being debated and discussed in society across ethnolinguistic groups. Bob Rae’s point is also entirely correct; he is extremely intelligent, well-informed, well-spoken and well educated. Bob Rae also speaks from experience as he left the NDP once their intolerance toward religious groups became palpable and unbearable.

  2. I don’t have a firm opinion on this (I don’t know Canada well). But it seems to me that in a federal nation state certain legal differences based on specific traditions should be respected. The approach that Québec has taken reminds a lot of the French tradition of laïcité in public spaces.

    1. Quebecers are like a nation within a nation … there are many nations [including indigenous ‘first nations’] all within the entity known as Canada… its probably become more and more fractured over time and its a large nation so I could see it breaking up into regions in the future.. that would serve the UN agenda of destroying nations. I have been watching this university town’s political agenda for years… this town flies the UN flag… next to the NATO flag. Ultimately, Canada is under the control of a monarchy in the UK, it is not a democracy.. I think that is what the Quebecers are against [monarchy]

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