Why is the University of Alberta calling Bambi’s beloved country “this place now called Canada” in one of its job ads?

Bambi’s birth country is struggling for its existence due to an endless regional conflict between two powerful countries. It is also struggling to survive its own financial, political, and moral bankruptcy. Despite the hell that the Lebanese people are living in (no gas, no medication, no access to their money, no safety, etc.), and despite the danger of sectarianism, imminent wars, and this continuing history of migration, no one has EVER called his/her doomed country “this place now called Lebanon“! Why? Because they respect it and they are attached to it, despite its MAJOR issues.

So, why did Canadians give up on their country/civilization to that extent? Why the collective self-destruction in our prestigious universities? Aren’t those places meant to generate and test innovative ideas to fix problems and build better futures for societies? Since when were they supposed to fuel destructive ideologies that can literally kill the spirit of a nation… ironically in the name of justice, of course?

Even if you do not agree with Bambi, please check this tweet by Mr. Jonathan Kay, one of our great journalists who has been tirelessly informing us of the extent of destructive (and absurd) ideologies in our beautiful university campuses and in our societies? How can someone working at a public institution call his or her (and our!) own country “a place now called Canada“? And what to say about the rest of the language of this (well-paid) job ad? If this is not propaganda, what is it then? And who is funding all this?

Here is the full text of the job “competition”:


The position in question is called: Lead Educational Developer, Decolonial Pedagogies and Indigenous Initiatives Lead Educational Developer, Critical Pedagogies and Equity, Diversity, and Inclusivity“.

What does the above title mean precisely? If you do understand it, Bambi begs you to write a comment to explain it to her. Thank you.

The University of Alberta’s vision is “to inspire the human spirit through outstanding achievements in learning, discovery, and citizenship in a creative community, building one of the world’s great universities for the public good”. Its mission is the following: “Within a vibrant and supportive learning environment, the University of Alberta discovers, disseminates, and applies new knowledge for the benefit of society through teaching and learning, research and creative activity, community involvement, and partnerships. The University of Alberta gives a national and international voice to innovation in our province, taking a lead role in placing Canada at the global forefront” (https://www.ualberta.ca/strategic-plan/overview/our-vision-mission-and-values.html).

So, how does this position and its language help achieve the above? And Can/will our universities stop betraying their educational missions after becoming too dogmatic like that… to the point of absurdity?

Related to this question, Bambi will re-share an older post on the topic, featuring an article by Mr. Jonathan Kay in Quillette that helps us in understanding the broader context of what is afflicting our Canadian universities? Tragically, the latter are a reflection of the worrisome state of our country. They are like a mirror (or the symptoms), so to speak.

Once again, thank you Mr. Kay for your thoughtful article. Is it too late to save our universities from this intellectual corruption? If not, why didn’t his work trigger a societal debate? Bambi recalls having read a French article by Dr. Joseph Facal about this important work in the Journal de Montreal (https://www.journaldemontreal.com/2021/11/13/la-bureaucratisation-de-lideologie-woke). If she is not mistaken, Dr. Gad Saad (also from Québec) made a video about your article. She does not know if others from the rest of Canada interviewed you about your investigation. She is curious.

To conclude this post, in Bambi’s mind, Mr. Kay’s continuous contribution, perhaps especially this thought-provoking article, deserves a journalism award, like the one awarded to Ms. Caroline Hayek (as per the old post shown further below)… Well, whether this will happen soon or not, she is nominating him for an imaginary prestigious pan-Canadian investigative award in her mind right now!

13 thoughts on “Why is the University of Alberta calling Bambi’s beloved country “this place now called Canada” in one of its job ads?”

  1. Just an afterthought, Food for Thought
    Progressivism, The Woke Sequel

    Progressive Authority

    Progressive White Privilege, the doctrine of White Privilege. The very term “White Privilege” insinuates a master peer dynamic at birth. White Privilege all white people have privilege how does a Person of Colour (POC), a Native person, or an Asian person get some of this privilege? While by the standards of Progressive White Privilege doctrine you have to go through and get the authority of a white person to move forward in our society.

    Progressives have now given themselves permission to anoint themselves a title of authority one of nobility by blood a birthright simply by being white – White Privilege, default White Progressive Racism. White Progressives did not earn anything by merit their merit is simply is that they are White Progressives. This doctrine also comes with a clear understanding you can’t judge these White Progressives but they can judge you in fact they see it as their calling.

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  2. General Food for Thought on These Matters

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    *Progressive Politics

    The main problem to me is that traditional organizations like The United Nations (UN) and The European Economic Union (EU) have overstepped their boundaries, EU – “Early Childhood Education and Care” demanding Hungary what books are to be read in their kindergartens. These individuals are appointed but not elected as in one vote one person.

    “It might be argued there are just provincial jurisdictions and that “Canada” is a fraud by its very ‘creation’ under a flat lie monarchy”
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    Sincerely Demian Virgil Hammock,

    BFA, Mount Allison University; Diploma of Advanced Studies, Human Resources Management, NBCC.
    Virgil’s Son & Virgil’s Son, etc…Sharecroppers

    1. Dear Mr Hammock
      I agree that overreach happens sometimes in organizations like the EU. Sometimes decisions are made in Brussels which should better be left to the individual member states / nations. But in my opinion we shouldn’t forget that the origins of organizations like the EU lie in the attempt and desire to prevent further wars and bloodshed on a continent that had seen two terrible World Wars start there in the first half of the twentieth century which then spread to other continents. Germany and France had been archenemies at least since the war of 1870/1871 and managed to build a constructive relationship after WWII. And the European process of unification has brought a great measure of peace to the continent. Yes, there are some flaws in the construction of the EU, but we shouldn’t forget about the good it brought.

      1. Food for Thought on These Matters

        To: Achim Wollmershauser
        Thank You, for Your Time and for Your Insightful Reply, it is Greatly Appreciated

        I very much agree with you and you are right there is indeed an important place for The European Economic Union (EU) to play in Europe. The Franco- Prussian War reciprocity, WWI reciprocity, and borders changing every five minutes did not help. Let us not forget everyone’s good friend Stalin people tend to forget he sided with the Nazis and took a good part of Poland at the start of WWII. Though the Poles stuck it to the Russians/Soviets in “The Battle of Warsaw” in 1920.

        If the EU wants to really worry about something. I would suggest they have an iron clan plan for Germany’s/Europe’s potential energy crisis.

        Maybe, “The Green Revolution” in Europe, might have gotten ahead of itself? France at least has enough nuclear power to least somewhat get by. I know nuclear power has its problems but on the whole, has gotten a lot better. Also, places like Germany can import a lot more oil gas from places like Canada and the US in the meantime even if its costs are higher liquefied oil and gas.

        I have a sinking feeling that if Putin furthers his ambitions in Ukraine he could jack oil prices up as he did to the Ukrainians as a form of punishment. Or even worse Putin could cut off the supply entirely and say to the EU if they in any way interfere with his ambitions in Ukraine or for that matter Chinese Communist Party (CPP) and their ambitions in Taiwan. The Russians will turn off the taps and it would indeed be a very cold winter in Europe. This concerns me and should everyone else. On the other hand, I am not concerned one bit with the Political Correctness (PC) mandatory reading lists for kindergarten students in Hungary, it’s none of their business anyway, I would think the EU would have more pressing issues to deal with? Anyway just some thoughts on these matters and thank you for your time as well. Of course, feel free to reply all voices matter. I certainly do not know everything by a long shot. I do my best to wake up every day and try to learn something new I did not know before.

        1. To Demian Hammock
          Thank you for your friendly reply. It’s obvious to me that you know a lot about Europe as well. I agree, kindergarten reading lists should be left to local authorities or partly even to kindergarten teachers. There are more important things to do for the EU. Energy supply in a complex international political minefield being one of them. Anyway, thanks for the conversation.

  3. It might be argued there are just provincial jurisdictions and that “Canada” is a fraud by its very ‘creation’ under a flat lie monarchy .. a new reality?! This is the true ‘decolonization’ movement [not the fake one].
    We are under a new ruler sovereign monarch who has declared Kingship…
    his name and title are:
    Greg Hallett
    King of England,
    Titular Prince Regent Duke Governor of North America

  4. Dear Bambi
    Here are my humble reflections on this issue. In the context in which it is used the phrase “the place now called Canada” isn’t out of place. The person applying for the job is required to know about the history of indigenous civilizations in the country “now called Canada”, which didn’t exist as a nation a few hundred years ago and was certainly called differently by the indigenous peoples (if there even was a name for the whole of what is Canada today). And I also think it’s good to be aware of the sufferings of fellow humans, the First Nations people, associated with the loss of their land and the process of marginalization. But I think it’s also true that there is justice and injustice, light and darkness in the history of all civilizations. All we can do is to try to be as humane as we can be in the present and the future and try to learn from the mistakes of the past. It’s no solution to become resentful or even hateful and deny the good by claiming, for example, that Canada is intrinsically racist. I’m with Bambi when she says she loves Canada. Because in the long run only love will be constructive and yes, only love will bring about justice in the end. Because if there’s no love, all that a demand for justice will do is create new injustice as a by-product. Which Bambi knows very well from her own experience.

    1. Many thanks Achim. Wow, once again, your comment is so well expressed and filled with human love. Bambi relates to it so much. She will add that she thinks that you put your finger on it: Only love will be constructive. Only love will bring hope for an authentic justice in action not just virtuous words (either empty or guilt-inducing or both– in current and newer generations in an unhealthy way). Most importantly in Bambi’s mind, only love can bring a much needed unity in our country (and in many others, including her birth place). Sadly, nations do not have a magical stick to erase the heart-breaking suffering from the injustices of the past. We also do not fix one injustice by another one in life… So, why not focus on learning lessons from the “light and darkness in the history of all injustices” in order to “constructively” move on/forward hand in hand all of us?

      1. Wow Bambi, so beautifully said! I can only say “Amen” to that! I think that’s the vision expressed in Psalm 85 (v.10)
        الرَّحْمَةُ وَالْحَقُّ الْتَقَيَا. الْبِرُّ وَالسَّلاَمُ تَلاَثَمَا

        1. Bravo for your Arabic. Bambi is impressed :)! Thank you Achim. May love (with its two friends, compassion and peace) start by filling people’s hearts in order to spread to the world.

          1. Yes, may they fill people’s hearts and spread to the world! But don’t be too impressed with my Arabic “copy-and-paste-level” knowledge ?

            1. Bambi is still impressed because, not only you copied/pasted this, you recognized the language and this is a good start :)!

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