Remembrance Day: Thank you

Thank you, veterans… Merci pour vos sacrifices!

On this November 11, 2021, Bambi feels like thanking the Town of Sackville (New Brunswick) for having given us this year enough time to appreciate our street decorations… so we can remember how to remember to honour our veterans.

While jumping on the streets, as a deer who refuses to forget (especially because she is a peace lover), Bambi has appreciated each face in each picture, and with it each story of each veteran. Many thanks to their families for having shared their pride and grief. What an honour to walk under the pictures of their loved ones who gave their lives so we can collectively enjoy our freedoms… even when the freedoms of some of us are under attack.

A picture taken by Bambi in nearby Amherst, Nova Scotia in 2019

3 thoughts on “Remembrance Day: Thank you”

  1. Remembering, if done well, is an act of love. It’s an act of recognition that, although we are individuals which can choose their own paths and their own new directions, we still owe a lot to the people who have paved a way before us which we can now walk on. Not all we harvest we have sowed ourselves. Sometimes we are on the receiving end of blessings flowing from sacrifices of previous generations. And sometimes remembering is a sobering act of recognition that our ancestors took part in crimes against other human beings in their midst (or looked the other way in willful blindness), combined with the realization how quickly things can go very wrong if we are not watchful and allow the seeds of evil to grow. Which we do in Germany on the 9th of November when we remember the organized vandalism against Jewish businesses by the Nazis in 1938 which ended in the holocaust only a few years later. Thank you Bambi / Rima for your afkar and for reminding us of the importance of remembrance. Greetings and blessings Achim

    1. How well written. How well said. Thank you Achim for sharing your wisdom. Bambi is happy and honoured to post your comment. Welcome to you on her blog :).

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