Happy Birthday “mama”!

Mom, this post is meant for you, hoping you will enjoy your two songs:

The first is entitled “Les yeux de la mama“. It is a masterpiece, according to Bambi. She discovered it a few days ago only (although it is from 2015). What a talented and moving French artist, this 25-year-old Mr. Kendji Girac (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kendji_Girac), with his poetic words stemming from his heart, his warm and melodious voice, along with his unique music. Bravo to him for singing for his mom. You deserve every word of his lyrics, of course including the reference to his mama’s beautiful eyes (olive green in you case)!

As for the second song, it is simply meant to make you smile or hopefully even laugh (after the moving song above). It is that Egyptian children’s song of Bambi’s childhood, entitled “Mama Zamanha Gaya”. If you recall, it is about a dad baby-sitting his child and telling her not to cry because her mom is on the way and she is bringing her toys ? (an English translation here as well as a performance by a cute little Egyptian girl: https://www.mamalisa.com/?t=es&p=273). Bambi suspects that other Arab-speaking readers may also smile, perhaps while singing this song.

Happy birthday, mom, with much love across the miles!! “Akbel El Mieh mama” (this Lebanese birthday expression wishes loved ones to live until 100 years… OK, let’s say, this is the minimum acceptable number of years ?). Have fun today and thank you for giving Bambi (and her siblings) life, for being an inspiration, and for ALL the rest!

6 thoughts on “Happy Birthday “mama”!”

  1. You must really miss your Mum in your life – as you get older you find appreciation for a Mum’s role grows deeper in how she shaped your upbringing with love and concern and values …so just a hug and a smile makes a Mum’s life complete…. I’m sure you are like a bright shining little star to her – she has raised a lovely daughter. All the best to your Mum in Lebanon.. or is she in Montreal.. may she live many more years… I’m sorry I am not familiar with your family’s coming to Canada immigration story… if you have covered it before, please could you let me know where to read it. Thanks and have a wonderful day.. [I’m from England so we write Mum, not Mom]

    1. Salutations to all the “Mums” of the world, including yours (wherever she is now)… and the mum that you are yourself! Thank you Sally very much for your kind words about Bambi’s mother and your generous words about herself (sweet of you). Seriously now, you should meet Bambi’s sisters. They fit your description well and Bambi is relieved to know they are near her parents (even if sometimes she worries about Lebanon and wishes to see them all back… but it is so sad to also know Lebanon being emptied from its people, again and again). To answer your question, Bambi’s mother is now in Beirut after having lived for in Montreal (you got it right). Bambi had an older birthday post to one of her sisters once and in it she thanked for her for being a wonderful natural caregiver to their parents. To conclude, all Bambi’s family members are very attached to Canada (like her), even if when non-residents. Mind you, they also appreciate the beautiful England, your birth country (some of them are lucky to have visited it).

    1. Bambi thanks you Aline for your kind wishes. Her mom will appreciate them. Same to you and your family/loved one, etc. :)!

  2. Happy Birthday ante Robine !! Wish her better days ahead !! Aakbel el Miyeh [Bambi]. Hope you will be able to visit your parents soon.
    Very emotional song indeed from Kendji . This singer was discovered during The Voice French version back in 2015.

    1. MANY thanks Rony :). May God listen to you about the better days for Lebanon… and may he always bless your beautiful family! As for Kendji, Bambi is surely a fan!! His mom must be so proud of him and moved to hear this song generously written/composed not just to her, but to all the mothers of the world, including your own (hoping you will also see her sooner than you think).

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