Why does the CBC seem to amalgamate the shocking Islamist attack to a UK politician with the opposition to our government’s questionable policies?

May British lawmaker David Amess rest in peace and may his memory be eternal…

Bambi has never heard of this politician before, but she is reading now about his devotion to his country and to public service. Thanks to him and to all the politicians of all the countries of the world, regardless of their party or their ideas. It is called democracy, Dear CBC.

Indeed, if you read the following article, you see the inaccurate and unprofessional amalgamation between a DANGEROUS ideology/movement, called Islamism (that is harmful to Islam itself and to the entire world) and internal politics in Canada (just scoring points to elevate Mr. Trudeau’s legitimately questionable policies, like in any democracy):


Journalists have a responsibility of impartiality, even when their organization is public and seems to be a governmental distorted communication tool than a publicly-funded journalistic platform (yes, funded with Canadians’ tax money).

Whether innocently or not, this sort of journalism is disrespectful to this deceased politician and to all the victims of all the trends of Islamism in Europe and in the world (including Lebanon). Just think of the tragedy of Mr. Samuel Paty or Norway recently.

Bambi is also shocked yet not surprised by the mediocre levels of journalism in Canada. For instance, in reporting the tragic clashes in Beirut two days ago.

Concerning the above, as a first example, the CBC titled an article/video “Snipers in Beirut kill six Shia protesters amid port probe tensions“. Why is the CBC calling these men by their sect (sub-religion) and NOT just simply Lebanese? Why does it seem to be more divisive than the Lebanese media? Does that make any sense from a human perspective? If our Canadian media titles and articles wanted to be accurate, they could have called the name of the political affiliation of those who absurdly lost their lives (just like they did in the article above on the UK)? Plus, what about the innocent citizens (including a young mother) who died because of stray bullets in their own apartments?


As a second example, the National Post‘s title was not better: “Six Shi’ites killed in Beirut as tensions deepen over blast inquiry”. Again, isn’t this insulting to these men to call them by their sect? Why Bambi wonders?


To conclude this post, contrary to what seems to be implied int the Canadian media, if you are against the policies of our government, this does not make you a terrorist.

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