Honouring Samuel Paty’s memory with an eternal song

A year has passed since the most horrible killing of Mr. Samuel Paty on an unforgettable October16 (a day meant to celebrate life/love in Bambi’s family):


Thank you, “Monsieur Paty“, for your open mindedness and love of your students. Bambi watched a documentary about your life and (sadly) death a couple of days ago. May your family (parents, sister, etc.), friends, students as well as parents (who loved you dearly), colleagues (who miss you greatly), and fellow citizens of your town, nearby capital, and entire republic find peace in their hearts with every passing year.

With France, may we always remember the precious meaning of the word “freedom“.

Freedom of thought… and academic freedom.

Freedom to teach, educate, and discuss… without fear.

Freedom of expression before AND after a lecture, a talk, a chat, or a publication.

May Mr. Paty’s memory be eternal… and may we all keep singing for “liberty” with Ms. Nana Mouskouri.

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