Is peace the new normal in many parts of the Middle East?

Bambi just read the following article published in CTV news informing us that “Egypt’s national carrier Sunday made its first official direct flight to Israel since the two countries signed an historic 1979 peace treaty as an EgyptAir jet landed at Tel Aviv’s Ben Gurion Airport” (

Always according to CTV news, “the national carrier will now run three weekly flights between Cairo and Tel Aviv with the EgyptAir markings“. This looks like a miracle for the Middle East that can open the door for increased economic relations and opportunities of collaborations (business, science, tourism, cultural exchange, etc). This is actually a historic event between an Arab country that was the first to sign a peace treaty with Israel and the latter. As a historic reminder, their peace deal was signed in 1979 and witnessed by Mr. Jimmy Carter, one of the former Presidents of the USA (

Imagine, despite this treaty, it took 42 years to AirSinai to dare to officially fly with the logo of Egypt Air between Cairo and Tel Aviv out of fear of public blacklash, as per the CTV News article! Not surprising given that Egyptian Islamists assassinated President Anwar el Sadat precisely 40 years ago like today, that is on October 6, 1981.

Yes, it takes courage to envision peace between former/recent enemies and try to make it happen. Bambi was just 9 years old when this murder happened, but she recalls it very well (she was still living in Beirut back then in the middle of the Lebanese civil war). This political assassination took place almost a year before the invasion of Beirut by the Israeli forces. Bambi also surely recalls a moving French song written by Mr. Enrico Macias following Sadat’s assassination. It is entitled “un berger vient de tomber” (which means “a shepherd has fallen“). If you wish, you can listen to this song further below. You may also read a quick translation of its beautiful lyrics into English.

Mind you, the song in question also applies to any statesman who knows how to assemble its people (for the sake of unity) and how to make history by rising above conflicts (for the sake of peace). Sadly, such inspiring political leaders are rare to encounter in a lifetime, especially when it comes to the bloody Middle East filled with inter-generational (reciprocal) visceral hatred. When we lose one of them to death, the hope for peace (and prosperity) dies with him/her… sometimes for decades, if not forever.

Sadly, many years later, precisely on November 4, 1995, 23-year-old Bambi (living in Montreal at the time) was saddened once again to hear of the assassination of another courageous politician who dared to imagine peace in the Middle East. Bambi is talking about Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin who was shot dead by an Israeli young citizen, radically opposed to the Oslo Accords with the Palestinians ( and

Anyhow, Mr. Anwar Sadat, as imperfect as he must have surely been, was “luminous”, like the meaning of his first name in Arabic, when it came to peace. Indeed, he ended up embracing peace/life, instead of hate/death. Because of that, he even lost his life. If only for his courage, he earned Bambi’s respect. Same for the late Mr. Rabin.

As Bambi has written in several posts on this blog, anger or even hatred (after the loss of loved ones through massacres or heavy shellings or occupations, etc.) is much easier and perhaps more convenient than forgiveness, peace, and love. In contrast, peace is a journey, just like grief. It is also made of choices and re-choices, as much as needed. Same for love in life, Bambi will add. May all the nations of the world live in dignity, security, peace, prosperity, and… LOVE.

To conclude this post on a musical note, and as promised, here is the beautiful song of Mr. Enrico Macias preceded by the translation of its lyrics. Enjoy!

“A shepherd has fallen, he has been shot
Humanity’s heart is in tears
And the upset world realizes all at once
That the earth sometimes gives birth to

All those who celebrate in front of his dead body
Are forgetting that death is not a defeat
That he fought with courage 
To defend liberty 
That we still have the legacy 
He bequeathed to us 

For this reason I have hope 
He didn’t come by chance 
The way he showed us 
We all keep in our memories 
Martyrs are those who force 
open the doors of hope

A shepherd has fallen
Humanity’s heart is in tears
Violence again
Has put blood on its flag
Has unleashed the wolves among the lambs
And as the prophets taught us
When one sows the wind he reaps the storm

Thus today I declare
To those who sacrifice him
That God already has judged them
He used to say, “Since one must die
Give me the right to choose”
And from Washington to Rome
Where they also were afraid
They know very well that he gave his life.A shepherd has fallen, he has been shot
Humanity’s heart is in tears
The ideas he used to fight for
And that hand he used to hold out to us
One day or another they will help to make peace”

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