A song to Mr. Trudeau worth $612 millions

Congratulations to all those who won the federal elections across parties, including Mr. Trudeau himself. The latter (once again) lost his objective of a majority at a high cost for Canada, namely of CAD $612 million!

This being said, bravo to all those who had the courage to participate, but did not win despite their hard work.

Even if no one wanted those elections (but Mr. Trudeau et al.), it was refreshing to see democracy in action, despite any disappointment, joy, or indifference.

Bambi would like to thank all those who devoted their time with Elections Canada and made this democratic process happen.

To come back to Mr. Trudeau, we are still “stuck” with him in a minority government. Nothing seems to have changed in a major way, except that we are now collectively poorer (i.e., – CAD $612 million).

To conclude this post, since democracy spoke, here is a song from Bambi to Mr. Trudeau AND to those who contributed to keeping him in power for the third time. In his song, Mr. Julio Iglesias’ informs us that “he hasn’t changed“… and then he adds that “you haven’t changed either” (he means his lover). Well, when we re-enter OR decide to remain in a loving relationship, we have a responsibility in our (hopefully lucid) decision. Although there is no guarantee in life, we know that past performance is usually the best predictor of future ones. Bearing the latter in mind, may our federal politicians be as wise as they can be and best wishes to Canada!

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