After Mr. Obama’s support of his “friend” Mr. Trudeau, will Ms. Mélanie Jolie say that “electors do not like to be told what think and for whom to vote”, as she said about Mr. Legault’s comment”?

Bambi appreciates Federal Minister Mélanie Jolie. She finds that she became even more competent with the years. However, lately and with all due respect, this politician made a comment that was ridiculously exaggerated to the point of sounding funny.

Indeed, Ms. Jolie commented on Mr. François Legault’s public statement following the fiasco of the English debate (i.e., the moderator’s loaded question to Mr. Blanchet, which was endorsed by the consortium of “independent” journalists). As a reminder, none of the politicians participating in the debate rejected the attack on Québec’s democratically voted bills on the protection of the French language and on the state’s secularism. Indeed, the only politician who made a quick comment about this on his Twitter account was Mr. Maxime Bernier (who was excluded from the debates).

Anyhow, Mr. Legault made a public statement the following day in which he expressed the disappointment of Québeckers (tired of being “bashed”) and to defend the values of Québec. In the Q/A period, he allowed himself to invite Québeckers to think twice before voting. Bambi was happy to see Mr. Legault having a spine by publicly refusing the “systemic” disrespect of Québec (as per her earlier post, shown at the end of this post).

In relation to this story, and as reported by Radio-Canada, Ms. Jolie later made it sound as if Mr. Legault was telling women how to vote by saying: “You know? Our grand-mothers fought for the right to vote. They also fought during the Quiet Revolution in order to have the right to think for themselves” (

Bearing Ms. Jolie’s comment in mind, Bambi has a question for her now: Will she say the same about Mr. Obama (who, as a reminder, is American and not Canadian, like Mr. Legault)? Indeed, like in the last electoral campaign, Mr. Obama allowed himself to interfere in our elections. Our media (favourable to Mr. Trudeau) are all relaying his statement.

To conclude this post, Bambi has the utmost respect for Mr. Obama, perhaps even more so lately with his wise public comment about “the dangers of cancel culture” ( Mind you, Bambi would have asked the same question to Ms. Jolie, had it been Mr. Trump or Mr. Biden who interfered in our elections (

12 thoughts on “After Mr. Obama’s support of his “friend” Mr. Trudeau, will Ms. Mélanie Jolie say that “electors do not like to be told what think and for whom to vote”, as she said about Mr. Legault’s comment”?”

  1. Did Obama and Clinton truly say all that? I think your article plunged them into a much deeper involvement than what was expressed. We live in a global village of instant communication and people are curious to know how their leaders and celebrities think about a variety of topics. According to the article below, Obama and Clinton wished Trudeau good luck but never told Canadians how to vote. Mélanie Joly’s comments harken back to an era under Duplessis when the Union Nationale party (colour coded blue) told the fearful Catholic crowd that ”the sky is blue but hell is red.” The insinuation was that the blue party was the same colour as heaven but the Liberals (colour coded red) would lead you to hell.

      1. Bambi’s information about Bernie Sanders is at least 50 years out of date; everyone on Earth knows he’s a socialist, just like the NDP are socialists. I heard Bernie Sanders speak at McGill in 1985 and he was still a socialist then and has never stopped being a socialist.

        I don’t get Bambi’s comments about Quebec-bashing. The example I gave is from Quebec *provincial* politics. As I pointed out, Joly was critical of the era in Quebec politics (now widely reviled by Quebeckers I might add) where politicians told the people ”the sky is blue but hell is red” unlike any other province.

        1. Bambi did not say anything about Mr. Sanders whom she happens to like 🙂 (she once mentioned him in an older post). She just pointed out that those three American politicians (Obama, Clinton, Sanders) are interfering with our elections (while supporting their friends). As for Ms. Joly, her comment is exaggerated, as explained in the post.

        1. Fred, if you read the Journal de Montréal more often, you can learn to appreciate the intellectual diversity in it. You have writers from all the political spectrum. This being said, Bambi thanks you for sharing this article. Yet, once again, she finds your reply (i.e. Québec bashing) inappropriate as it minimizes the seriousness of the loaded question of the English debate, which was approved by a consortium of journalists from across our country. If this is not systemic disrespect of Québec (or Québec bashing), what is it then? How sad and inappropriate all this. As Mr. Mario Dumont wrote recently, it is Canada that is separating from Québec (with such an attitude).

          1. Perhaps the confusion arises from the fact Canadians are holding a federal election across Canada while some people in Quebec (the province where the term ‘Quebec bashing’ was invented) are only concerned with how it affects them, their selfish interests and reprehensible track record.

            1. Bambi has decided to offer you a “Québec bashing award”! You do sound like the most anti-Québec Canadian citizen, Fred (proving Bambi’s point). This being said, and seriously now, you are free to have any bashing opinion. Bambi thanks you for writing on her blog.

              1. I’ve updated my resume to include this award from Kebekistan’s Ambassador to Orwell’s Animal Farm. It is my first distinction at this high level and ordinary Canadians across the country will be proud of me.

                1. Too Funny :)– Congratulations Fred! Seriously now, Bambi is honoured to be called “Ambassador of Québec” in our beautiful Canada! If you insist on using “Kebikstan”, she can borrow the “Wokanada” of Dr. Mathieu Bock-Côté (at least, the Canada of Mr. Trudeau Jr… No, not the Canada of the silent majority of Canadian humans/deer who just want to be simply Canadians, without any adjective).

                  1. Thanks Bambi. Regarding failed insults from Kebekistani pseudo-journalists and their cartoonists, I don’t take them too seriously. Case in point, the execrable effort made by Bado in 2011 when he wanted to insult Conservative cabinet minister Vic Toews. Bado portrayed Toews as a violence-craving NHL fan in a Toronto Maple Leafs. Why not put Toews in a Winnipeg Jets shirt since Toews is from Manitoba (unlike myself) and filed a Manitoba seat in the HOC and represented Manitoba in cabinet? It’s bcz Kebekistani separatists know scarcely little about Canada outside some stereotypes about Toronto.

                    1. No clue what you mean by “pseudo-journalists and cartoonists”. FYI, Dr. Mathieu Bock-Côté is one of our greatest intellectuals (he is a sociologist, an essayist, and a columnist for the Figaro, Journal de Montréal, etc. He published several books and he now has three weekly TV shows in France). Many English-Canadians do not know him because of the two linguistic solitudes, but Fred has no excuse since he is bilingual and he is from Québec :).

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