Why is the government of Alberta dictating to its citizens whom to invite or not in their PRIVATE gatherings?

According to the “new vaccine requirements and covid-19 measures” in Alberta, if Bambi is reading this document well, the new provincial rules for “private social gatherings” include the following statement (https://www.alberta.ca/release.cfm?xID=79835371972F5-959C-11E8-8A4B6C2B5B2084EB):

Attendance at any indoor private social gathering is not permitted for vaccine-eligible individuals who are unvaccinated“.

We understand we are (still) in a pandemic. We understand that massive vaccination, perhaps along with physical distancing (and/or other strategies, as needed), are the best tools available to public health to help in getting us as efficiently as possible out of the pandemic.

However, why do governments feel entitled to dictate to people whom to socialize with or not? Whom to socially exclude or not? Since when this personal (or maybe familial?) decision about whom to invite to one’s place or not is the business of a government?

Why are politicians fostering social division among Canadians to that extent? Aren’t we already divided enough? And are they going to fine people over this, by the way?

Alternatively, why don’t they use more positive, rewarding educational methods of primary prevention to promote vaccination?

To conclude this post, perhaps it would be wise if our decision-makers learn to avoid overcontrol, even if it is in the name of our protection… and despite their fear of the coronavirus.

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