Why is Mr. Trudeau so scared of independent journalists to the point of not even calling them “a media organization”?

Mr. Trudeau, Bambi is scared of the direction of Canada under your (or your political party’ s) governance, despite your good work on some issues in addition to the talent of many of your colleagues. Yes, you do scare her with your spending, with some of your policies/programs that foster sectarianism, and especially with your illiberalism (i.e., Bill C-36 limiting freedom of expression!). Yet, she calls you her Prime Minister (at least until September 20, 2021). Plus, she respects you/your position. She even wishes you the best.

So, why can’t you call Rebel News “a media organization” (like all the others that get financial support from our federal government)?

It is surprising to hear your comment below, without even answering the legitimate question(s) of the journalist. You did so, even after Rebel News successfully sued to have access to the federal leaders’ debates (for the second time, it seems). Bravo to the journalist who reminded you of this. A big bravo to our court system for its independence.

Again, Mr. Trudeau, why can’t you answer this “media organization”s relevant questions, as Ms. Anamie Paul did? The latter was asked about Mr. Maxime Bernier who was not allowed in the debate? She answered the Rebel News‘ question very well by saying that we need to ensure that smaller parties (like hers) have a voice too, that is not always the same old, large parties.

This being said, this story related to independent work is making Bambi think of the English debate’s loaded question that was addressed to Mr. Blanchet. It came from a moderator who even admitted that her question was vetted by ” by several levels in the organization” (i.e., the polling firm Angus Reid). Isn’t it scary that so many smart media people approved calling a bill (democratically voted for) that protects the French language discriminatory? Does this make any sense to you? Same for the bill on secularism, which is made in Québec, by Québec, and for Québec ONLY (whether we like it or not).

To conclude this post, in Arabic they say “el Mamnouw Marghoub“. This means “what is forbidden is desirable“? So Mr. Trudeau, watch out. Your strategy (of exclusion) of the political competition or, even worse, of Canadian journalists, may backfire in the end.

2 thoughts on “Why is Mr. Trudeau so scared of independent journalists to the point of not even calling them “a media organization”?”

  1. So funny to see him lose his mind over the Rebel’s reporting.
    Cheers and thanks for being in the naughty chair blogging in this ‘science’-focussed town.
    Science is meant to be questioned or its not science its dogma.

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