The Australian embassy in Beirut honours the memory of two-year-old Isaac (son of Ms. Sarah Copland & Mr. Craig Ohlers) with a swing in the garden of the Sursock Museum

In several older posts, Bambi paid tribute to Isaac Ohlers, the youngest victim of the surrealistic Beirut blast of August 4, 2020 (she once posted an interview with his mother too, Ms. Sarah Copland).

Yesterday, the Australian Embassy in Beirut unveiled a swing in the garden of the Sursock Museum in Isaac’s memory.

According to L‘Orient Le Jour and An Nahar, the ceremony was attended in person by the honourable Ms. Rebekah Grindlay (Ambassador of Australia in Lebanon) and the families of the other victims. Isaac’s mom and dad, Ms. Copeland and Mr. Craig Ohlers, watched the ceremony live from Australia ( ;

In a moving tweet, Ms. Copland shared that Issac used to enjoy playing in the courtyard, climbing trees, and greetings cats. She and her spouse are grateful to Ambassador Grindlay, to the Australian Embassy, and to the Sursock Museum.

In turn, as shown below, the museum thanked the families of the victims and all those who made this event possible.

As a reminder, and for over a year now, Isaac’s parents and the families of the other 219 victims of the surrealistic Beirut port explosion are still seeking justice for their loved ones. When will impunity finally end in Lebanon?!

To conclude this post, Bambi will begin by sharing with you a few pictures of the ceremony (taken from An Nahar and the Sursock Museum Twitter account). Finally, and if she may, she would like to end by offering Isaac two songs inspired by his memorial.

May his memory be eternal… and heartfelt best wishes to his family.

A picture taken from An Nahar.
A picture taken from An Nahar.
A picture taken from An Nahar.

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