Lebanon: Thanks to Mr. Douglas Herbert (France 24) for explaining its issues and for Mr. Karim el Mufti (L’Orient Le Jour) for wondering if we should put it under UN supervision

Fuel is badly needed to run hospitals, bakeries, factories, airports, schools, people’s private houses, etc. Gas is very badly needed in Lebanon to be able to cook (ovens there are not electrical like in Canada).

The multiple crises of Lebanon have been piling up since October 17, 2019.

Today, they are unbearable to the point that Canadian and international media are describing this country in their titles as “hell on earth“, “the sinking drunken boat“, etc.

Here is Mr. Herbert’s explanation of the current development in English:

Here is Mr. El-Mufti’s opinion article in French:


Some people have circulated petitions demanding to put Lebanon under the UN supervision more than once, including now and following the surrealistic Beirut port explosion of August 4, 2020.

Of note, some have even started petitions asking France to re-colonize Lebanon because the latter did not succeed in governing itself. Bambi recently heard others saying: “France or the UK. Anyone of you, please HELP“. Can you imagine how desperate people are?

May Lebanon’s deep financial and economic issues finally begin to be addressed. It is about time.

May common sense, accountability, sustainability, safety and peace (+ love!) prevail.

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