Bambi’s question of the day: Did the Hezbollah orchestrate OR just fully exploit the Lebanese fuel crisis to benefit Iran (facing a weak USA) while presenting itself as the messiah of the Lebanese people?

Bambi read this article in the National Post upon waking up. It is about how Hezbollah is organizing fuel for Lebanon from Iran:

Why is this Head of the Hezbollah insulting the intelligence of the Lebanese people once again? Indeed, a couple of days ago, and according to local media, he stated that he had nothing to do with the fuel crisis. He added that it was up to the Lebanese state to protect its border (from illegally smuggling fuel to the neighbouring Syria).

His statement would have made perfect sense had his militia not been the force preventing the Lebanese army and/or UN from protecting all the borders of his tiny beautiful yet colonized country.

His statement would have also made sense had he not been the force that sends missiles across borders to a military powerful neighbouring country (as it pleases or upon demands from Iran?). He does so knowing that this neighbour (and former occupier) would not hesitate one second to respond in an “unmeasured” way to protect its own people.

The situation in Lebanon is VERY worrisome, day after day.

Perhaps today, more than ever…

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