“La France et le Liban”: A new song honouring both countries

Bambi just discovered this song, released on August 4, 2021 to commemorate the sad first anniversary of the surrealistic Beirut explosion. It is a beautiful tribute to both France and Lebanon, to their history/heritage, values, and long friendship.

For those who do not know it, Lebanon was a French colony until 1943, year of its “independence”. It is officially a bilingual country (passport, state services, etc.) and it is a proud member of the “Francophonie”. France has always supported Lebanon. The Lebanese people love France. If you do not believe Bambi, well France is called “the tender mother” in Lebanese-Arabic.

Last year, when the Beirut blast happened, no Lebanese politician dared to walk in the streets to comfort the population. No one touched base with the victim’s families… until now, we learned recently!

In contrast, Mr. Emmanuel Macron rushed to Beirut immediately. He was the first to comfort the people of Lebanon. He hugged the traumatized residents on the streets. He listened to their distress. He spoke with them. He even re-visited more than once and tried to help on the internal political front… but it did not work.

Over the past few years, France has organized several fundraising conferences to support the Lebanese people. The latest one was yesterday. It was also attended by Mr. Biden who made a large donation in the name of his country. Thanks to the United States.

Of note, France and the international community have been putting pressure on the corrupt Lebanese leaders for a while, demanding accountability and financial reforms. A week ago, France and the European Union imposed targeted sanctions on the Lebanese politicians.

All the countries of the world, including Bambi’s beloved Canada, generously donated money, human resources, and materials/food to rebuild, to help feed and treat the injured people. More recently, Canada and other countries kindly supported the Lebanese Armed Forces (which cannot afford to feed its soldiers anymore).

Private donors, including Bambi’s generous fellow Canadians, have also supported the people of Lebanon directly. Thanks to each one of them!

As for the Lebanese politicians, it is Bambi’s hope that they will finally realize that their legendary corruption has affected the entire world, not just their own population. Every penny donated by foreign countries comes out of the tax payers’ pocket. Enough of irresponsibility please!

To conclude this post with music, below you can listen to the beautiful song (in French, sub-titled in Arabic).

FYI, the singers are Mr. Chadi Maroun & Ms. Sonia Ghayad. The lyrics are by Mr. Joseph Abou Dames. The music by Mr. Shadi el Bacha. The mixing/mastering by: Mr. Antoine Haddad. The video was produced by Studio 360 media. The choregraphy is created/directed by Ms. Gabriella Mur. The choral is called “Les jeunesse Saint Elie -Antelias”. The song was translated into Arabic by Dr. Joseph Khalil.

Thanks to all of them and bravo!

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