Whether we agree with Mr. Ezra Levant or not, why is our federal government censoring his book… for the second time?

Bambi voted for the Liberal Party MOST of her voting life. She has voted once, wanting Mr. Trudeau to win and he did (this only time was enough for her :)!).

Seriously, and keeping the above in mind, those in power seem to be behaving like kings more like public servants. For Bambi, the tragedy is that alternatives (to those in power) do not seem to be that different in so many regards. Bambi is saying so, even if she sees the good work or talent of everyone across parties. In her mind, we are in an era of political mediocrity, and not just in Canada…

With all due respect to our current government (there is still talent and honesty left within Mr. Trudeau’s party), in addition to incompetence, Bambi sees a worrisome lack of courage. However, lack of courage is one thing. Abuse of power is another. Indeed, resorting to censorship to that extent makes Canada look more like Syria under dictatorship than like a country of the Western (free) world.

Indeed, in Bambi’s childhood and teen years, Syria used to be called “Syria’s Assad” (it belonged to him in his citizen’s minds). Are we now in “Canada’s Trudeau” (or “Trudeau’s Canada” in English)? Is this a healthy governance? Mr. Trudeau seems to be eager for a majority government. Does he need it? He seems to be indulging in entitlement that comes after years of a majority government.

Mr. Trudeau, regardless of what Mr. Ezra Levant wrote in his book (that Bambi did not read), please leave him alone. Enough of what looks like harassment of a non-mainstream journalist. Let us the citizens, human and deer, either read or ignore his book. No need to “burn” it. No need to cancel it. Just ignore it. This will likely make it less appealing to readers. So, you can achieve what you wish for by simply respecting Mr. Levant’s right to freedom of expression (or what is left of it… at least until Bill 36).

Thank you, Mr. Trudeau. As for your Mr. Ezra Levant, Bambi is against censorship in life by anyone, to anyone, and in any country (especially ours). This is why, without having read or wanting to read your book, and even if she agrees with you or not (on this or that topic), she stands with you in solidarity!

One thought on “Whether we agree with Mr. Ezra Levant or not, why is our federal government censoring his book… for the second time?”

  1. I agree with Bambi. I grew up surrounded by people who admired Pierre Trudeau and the Liberal party, but I haven’t voted since 2004 and don’t plan to. Among the weak federal parties who make less and less sense, the Conservatives sometimes echo a faint clarion of what was once a great country with good values. Censorship, banned books and the chilling effect are all problems that concern me as well or as George Carlin used to say ”I love this country. I love the freedoms we used to have.”

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