El Jazeera on Beirut: “PM-designate Saad Hariri resigns as crisis escalates”

While speaking with her parents to check on them, Bambi learned about this new development (breaking news of the day in Beirut): PM-designate S. Hariri just resigned. It seems that following this announcement, the Lebanese pound traded at 21,000 to the US dollar.

From El-Jazeera, we learn that Mr. Saad tried to form a new government since October 2020 without any success (the Lebanese government resigned following the Beirut surrealistic explosion that occurred on August 4, 2020).

What are those Lebanese politicians fighting over, asked the journalist in this news documentary? Nothing is left in Lebanon worth fighting for.

What does this new development mean for Lebanon’s immediate future? Bambi has no clue… but it seems worrisome for its financial DEEP crisis (i.e., hyperinflation!), at least.

Sometimes in life you hit the bottom hard (yes, it hurts…). Perhaps the sound/pain of the hit will wake the politicians up to realize that a change is BADLY needed for the sake of the Lebanese people who are fed up of hyperinflation… as well as further political instability and violence/threats of violence.

To use the words of Mr. Hariri himself: “May God help Lebanon“….!

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