Bye Baby Jouri…

Baby Jouri. The picture to the left was taken from 961.

The beautiful baby in the picture is not even one year old. Yes, she is 10-month-old and her name is Jouri (El-Sayyed). She is in heaven now… instead of being with her mom and dad… in the hell that Lebanon is turning into day after day.

From what Bambi understood from the media, she seems to have died because of lack of medication at the hospital where her parents rushed her to due to high fever. It seems that when they ran to search for the needed drug at nearby pharmacies, the latter were all closed due to an open strike in the country:—-the-lebanese-minister-of-health-orders-an-investigation—-and-her-father–to-whom-will-i-vote-for-crocodiles-.Byw–yfK6_.html

However, the statement of the hospital seems to indicate that baby Jouri died as she was discharged to another hospital against the advice or without the approval of her caring team (Arabic content):

The Lebanese caretaker Minister of Health ordered an investigation.

How sad… and what a worrisome tragedy.

Indeed, Lebanon (including its hospitals and residents) are lacking fuel, power, medicine, etc. Just to give you an idea, the last time Bambi checked on her loved ones in Beirut, her aunt did not have water for four days in a row. Bambi’s parents were luckier, no water for only 24 hours. However, they only saw the power 2 hours in the past 24 hours.

To conclude this post on a sad yet heartfelt note, Bambi sends her love to Jouri’s parents. There is no word that can ever comfort their hearts. May their daughter’s soul fly in peace…. “vole, vole” to use the moving French words of Céline Dion (song originally written for her niece who died of cystic fibrosis).

As for the residents of Lebanon, love and solidarity to all of you too!

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