Why does Ottawa insist on pitting us against each other?

In an article entitled “Ottawa plans to teach non-racialized Canadians about systemic racism in new campaign“, we can read that “the federal government plans to launch a national ad campaign aimed at making more white Canadians knowledgeable about systemic racism” (https://www.ctvnews.ca/politics/ottawa-plans-to-teach-non-racialized-canadians-about-systemic-racism-in-new-campaign-1.5500329).

Can’t Mr. Trudeau et al. leave us alone, please?

Enough of playing with fire (or racism) and enough of ideologies.

We just want to be Canadians, period. Is this still possible in Canada?

By the way, the term “racialized” is insulting. Enough, please.

Before starting their electoral campaign, again here re some tips to our lawmakers, as per one of Bambi’s earlier posts, which includes lessons from the Lebanese tragedy. These lessons are listed below verbatim in a form of “What-not-to-do-in-governance-in-order-to-avoid-Lebanonizing-one’s country“:

If Bambi may, here are some possible lessons, from out of Beirut, to our world leaders:

Do not let corruption AND incompetence rule your country… for too long.

Do not pit people against each other.

Remain united… in loving/serving your country.

Put your country before any ideology, regardless of the latter.

Put your country before your personal and/or tribal interests.

Put your country before other countries’ interests.

Learn to forgive (others… and yourself. Yes, it is possible even after a bloody civil war with over 18 massacres; https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_massacres_in_Lebanon).

Learn to live and LET your citizens live… in dignity and freedom.

Have a clear vision of the future.

To conclude, perhaps most importantly, always love, and… re-love your country (as much as needed throughout history!).

Thank you!

Here is the earlier post mentioned above:

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  1. I mostly agree and the term “racialized” is irritating and wrong. The ending -ed on racialized suggests there has been a process going from race to racial to ”racialized” — not a word I use but which reminds me of the dubious word ”racialist” in Enoch Powell’s 1968 ”Rivers of Blood” speech.

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