“Lebanon economic crisis among world’s worst in 150 years” (DW News)… and some possible lessons to learn from it

If Bambi may, here are some possible lessons, from out of Beirut, to our world leaders:

Do not let corruption AND incompetence rule your country… for too long.

Do not pit people against each other.

Remain united… in loving/serving your country.

Put your country before any ideology, regardless of the latter.

Put your country before your personal and/or tribal interests.

Put your country before other countries’ interests.

Learn to forgive (others… and yourself. Yes, it is possible even after a bloody civil war with over 18 massacres; https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_massacres_in_Lebanon).

Learn to live and LET your citizens live… in dignity and freedom.

Have a clear vision of the future.

To conclude, perhaps most importantly, always love, and… re-love your country (as much as needed throughout history!).

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