Honouring the Afzaals: Why do some feel the urge to use human tragedies to score political points?

Like everyone in Canada, Bambi’ heart is shocked and deeply sad because of the tragedy in London, Ontario.

There is no word to describe this horrific crime!!

A young man, apparently blinded by hate, drove his truck on them and… killed them!!!

It seems that there was one survivor: The boy in the picture below. Injured, he is an inpatient who does not know the fate of the rest of his beautiful family yet. Can you imagine :(?!

May the rest of the Afzaal family members rest in peace. May everyone’s memory be eternal…

The Afzaals… How sad! How shocking!

Bambi’s post is partly to hounour the Afzaals.

The other reason behind this post is another (indirect) way of honouring them by refusing the use of their death to score any political point (regardless of the point).

The exploitation of innocent people, for political or ideological reasons, was common during the Lebanese civil war.

How sad to observe a similar phenomenon here in Canada.

For instance, and with all due respect for her, it seems that a Globe and Mail columnist was fast to jump on this human tragedy to score a political point about Québec’ Bill 21 on secularism. Bambi learned about it from a tweet of Dr. Mathieu Bock-Côté, another columnist in Québec.

Does this make any sense?

To conclude this post on a sad yet beautiful musical note, if Bambi may, she would like to dedicate a French song entitled “Left before having said everything” (by Mr. Pierre Bachelet) to the Afzaals and to their loved ones surviving them in both Canada and Pakistan (their birth country).

May the Afzaals rest in peace and may God knows how to comfort the heart of the only young survivor of this beautiful Canadian family.

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