Dr. Ngola’s past Covid-19-related story & Mr. Higg’s wisdom and courage today

In a CBC article entitled “Premier rejects calls to apologize to N.B. doctor after COVID-19-related charge withdrawn”, we learn that Mr. Higgs had the courage to remain firm in resisting the pressure to apologize to Dr. Ngola:


First, Bambi is VERY happy for Dr. Ngola because he is free of charges and his trial did not take place (11 days before it was supposed to start, that is on June 15). What a relief.

Second, once again, we see how Québec is a welcoming province because Dr. Ngola is now practicing there.

As for us in NB, again Bambi sends her condolences to the family of Mr. Daniel Ouellette, our first covid-19 death in the province (http://bambisafkar.ca/index.php/2020/06/04/good-bye-au-revoir-monsieur-daniel-ouellette/)…They have been dignified in their grief.

Plus, to give to Caesar what belongs to Caesar, had Mr. Higgs (and Dr. Roussel) been opaque about this story involving Dr. Ngola, we would have accused our government of being non-transparent when we needed to have honest information about the pandemic.

Mr. Higgs did not name Dr. Ngola in his press conference of last year. He just informed the population of what was happening. This is his duty as PM and he simply did it from the best of his capacity. It would be unfair to pretend otherwise. It is surely inappropriate to ask him to apologize.

Now, was Dr. Ngola at the receiving end of some citizen’s anger frustrated and scared by the pandemic? Yes, likely and sadly with nasty words online, it seems. However, it is not because of neither his skin hue nor his accent. It is because citizens were upset and frustrated to have to worry and go into a lockdown again. With all due respect to Dr. Ngola as a compassionate physician throughout his career, what has upset citizens is that he is a physician and he should have known about the need to quarantine after travels.

This being said, everyone can make a mistake or take risks in life. In his case, he seems to have had family obligations to fulfill (i.e. travels of his spouse abroad due to death in the family) and, if Bambi recalls well from the media, he also had a job interview in Québec too at that time.

Once again, Bambi is happy for Dr. Ngola. He deserves peace of mind to enjoy his life and fully devote himself to his new patients in the nearby Québec.

A year ago, Bambi wrote that she would definitely seek his services for herself, but perhaps not for her senior parents. Well, now that they are both vaccinated twice (since February/early March in Beirut), she would gladly drive them to Dr. Ngola’s new clinic… had they been living in NB or Québec.

Mind you, Bambi would have written the same post had Dr. Ngola’s name been Dr. Khoury, Dr. Smith, or Dr. Bélliveau.

To conclude this post, once again, enough of resorting to identity (or racial)-based politics to such absurd extent… Bambi is saying this in reference to Dr. Ngola’s lawyer’s statement: “There is a terrible systemic racism history in North America of using the dog whistle against racialized citizens and labelling them as the ‘bringer of diseases,’ and this has to stop,”

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