Why should Mr. Higgs apologize to Dr. Ngola?

In the following Globe & Mail article, we learn that Dr. Nogla, the physician in Restigouche likely responsible for the latest cluster of new cases in our province is requesting apologies from our Premier.

He is also asking to resume his services.

We also read in the article the following:  “During the week of May 10, he drove to the Montreal suburb of Longueuil to pick up his daughter after her mother had to leave the country for a family emergency. There, he said he limited his contacts to the 4-year-old and his brother, who had been caring for her.On his way back, he stopped in the city of Trois-Rivières to meet with two fellow physicians for a discussion about the pandemic and possible future work in Quebec. A private investigator hired by Mr. Ngola’s lawyer said the meeting took place in a local clinic for about 20 minutes.”


Now we know why he did not self-isolate. Likely because he did not want his colleagues to know that he had a job interview. Could it be? This is a rather normal behaviour in normal times… but not during a pandemic. Sorry.

In Bambi’s mind, no Mr. Higgs, there is absolutely no need to apologize to Dr. Ngola.

You are a polite and pragmatic man Mr. Higgs. You have been a great Premier thus far and your covid-19 committee members (with all our political parties) have done a wonderful job, as much as realistically possible (despite any confusion, excess, or contradiction).

Please dot not accept to be pushed around in public.

Whether Dr. Ngola returns to his practice in NB or elsewhere, whether he is charged or not for medical negligence, the reality is the following:

He took a risk and he was unlucky (sorry for him… BUT sorry for Restigouche and NB too!).

Without wanting it for sure, he seems to have brought the virus back to his community.

Even if the recent cluster was not because of him, the reality is that he did not act wisely.

This has nothing to with his skin colour or country of birth. In all honesty, Bambi does not care about any of the latter!

This being said, his behaviour may have been related to his culture rather, with all due respect to the fantastic professionals from similar ethnic backgrounds.

Bambi comes from a culture where sometimes people behave like Dr. Ngola (they are known to be less rule abiding than Western cultures, especially English Canadian ones).

Of course, from physicians we should expect higher standards.

Physicians should know how to behave better, whether they are locals or not, immigrants or not, locum doctors or tenured ones.

Mr. Ouellette lost his life, as a result of the latest outbreak. Yet his son was the most dignified person Bambi has ever heard on TV. He did not blame Dr. Ngola, and he has all the right to be upset. Actually, Bambi was a bit upset to see how we have denied him this voice of anger (part of grief, as an emotion) because of all the political correctness and crazy “fascist” times we live in.

If this physician has received threats, his best bet would be to contact the police. Did he do so?

All what Mr. Higgs said was that the person (or Dr.)’s behaviour was irresponsible. He did not even name him (and Bambi has wondered why in an earlier post, see further below).

Mr. Higgs is right. This behaviour was irresponsible, even if unintentional and despite Dr. Ngola’s compassion as a physician.

When Bambi listened to the interview Dr. Nogla gave to the French CBC (on his initiative, one must say), she thought to herself the following: He is desperate. Who can blame him when he must be sad to be suspended ☹? And she also imagined how sad he must feel now in a small place where everyone knows everything about everyone.

She thought to herself: This is why he is playing the racism card.

Even if we have to be severe now in pandemics, perhaps we can forgive him later, Bambi hoped.

However, now after reading this article in the Globe & Mail, she has changed her opinion. She thinks that Dr. Ngola does not deserve our Premier’s apologies. Our Premier deserves his apologies rather for asking about the latter in the mainstream media.

By the way, had Bambi been living in his community, and even if he returns to his medical position tomorrow morning, she would not take her own parents to him, as new patients, especially in a future pandemic… Perhaps she would in non-pandemic times.

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