Isn’t Byblos (Lebanon) beautiful?

Byblos (or Jbeil), Lebanon

This morning, Bambi’s parents asked her about the beautiful spring season at her end, in Atlantic Canada. She then asked them about the beautiful pink trees near them, that is in Beirut, Lebanon. Her dad immediately surprised her with a beautiful picture of such a tree in Byblos, a historic (5000+ years BC) Mediterranean city located North of the capital Beirut. Byblos is related to the history/diffusion of the Phoenician alphabet. It is also known as Jbeil in Arabic.

Bambi would like to begin by thanking her dad for inspiring this post simply meant to share this publicly available artistic picture with you :).

First, here is the picture in question!

A spring scene in Byblos, Lebanon taken from Ashraf_nas.

Second, Bambi will also share a very short video produced by the UNESCO and taken from its website:

Finally, just to conclude this post on a musical note, here is the talented Ms. Hiba Tawaji paying tribute to the eternal Dalida at the Byblos International Festival (July, 2016) with her unique intepretation of “Mourir sur scène”. Bravo for your talent, Ms. Tawaji and thank you for honouring Dalida!

2 thoughts on “Isn’t Byblos (Lebanon) beautiful?”

  1. I totally agree with you Byblos is soo beautiful and cannot have enough of visiting it and enjoying her beautiful streets and old souk ??

    1. Enjoy your next visit, Maya! Bambi loves Byblos’ old souk too, the beaches, and the delicious fish to die for; Mmm, feeling hungry now :). Seriously, one of these days you and Bambi will visit this unique place together. It is Bambi’s dream!

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