There is something reassuring in… basketball!

With all the crazy, violent, or sad news in the world here and there.

With all the fast-moving marathons of justice in our world or… lives.

With all our concerns about our loved ones in our birth countries that are doomed with multiple crises and endless historic regional conflicts.

With updates from Bambi’ s dad who visited up to five pharmacies whilst one of his daughters consulted a sixth one in order to secure insulin and other critical medication for Bambi’s mom.

When Bambi called her parents in Beirut, it was refreshingly reassuring to learn that her mom was enjoying watching on TV a basketball game (between two national teams).  

For one second, Bambi felt that times, especially in the Middle East, were still stable and society healthy. No financial crisis. No pandemic. No threats of war. No concerns.

Yes, for a moment, she could imagine (and even “see” through the call) her cute mom in a state of flow, enjoying the present moment. She even happily shared with Bambi the basketball scores as they were unfolding.

For some of us, fun daily moments may be practising a sport, singing, spending time with loved ones, gardening, meditating/praying, watching a movie, writing, reading, doing a puzzle, cooking (this is not for Bambi!), or even perhaps cleaning one’s place (yes, it can be fun!), etc.

Bambi’s phone call to her parents made her day whilst filling her heart with reassurance.

To conclude this post on a cheerful note, “vive le basketball! Long live basketball” ?!

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