Why is the Middle East’s corruption spreading to Vancouver’s casinos?

Bambi just learned from Naharnet and l’Orient Le Jour, citing Al-Arabiya Network that our Canadian federal government “has tasked a committee with investigating money laundering, gambling and drug smuggling operations through casinos in Vancouver, in which a network reportedly affiliated with the Iranian regime and Hizbullah are involved...”.

Here is the French article by l‘Orient Le Jour:


Here is a Google translation of the article above into English:


Here is an article by Naharnet:


As stated by a former Canadian Royal Mounted Police officer cited in Naharnet: ”We have seen their continuing affinity (Iranian regime network and Hizbullah) with Chinese network active in illegal activities in Canada”.

As explained by a former Canadian Immigration Minister, namely Mr. Chris Alexander and as reported by Naharnet: “Investigations into these matters are dangerous and complex, but the [Canadian] authorities are trying to address them. This is a complicated matter in dealing with Iran and its networks.”

Perhaps stories of money laundering in casinos are not that surprising as it happens from time to time. Sadly, it is not just the coronavirus that is spreading from one continent to another— illegal behaviours too.

2 thoughts on “Why is the Middle East’s corruption spreading to Vancouver’s casinos?”

  1. Dear [Bambi], I would like to express support for your courageous stand. I am an Israeli immigrant to Canada and my impression of Canada seems to be so much aligned with yours. I was born in Russia and I immigrated to Israel when I was 16. I lived there for 20 years, serving in the army and completing my PhD. But after 20 years I decided I could not stay there any longer. It is a great country in many respects, but its obsession with the identity politics – Jewish being identity – bothered me and I did not want my son to be growing in this atmosphere of victimhood and angst. While in Israel, I participated in pro-Palestinian activities by the Israeli left. While my opinions were widely known I have never experienced any institutional censure at the time of my association with the Israeli universities. Ten years ago, I took a chance of a post-doctoral offer and moved to Canada. To my great surprise I soon realized that from almost radical left-winger I turned into somebody adjacent to racists, while my opinions regarding race and social justice have not change a bit. I also realized that at the University of Toronto, expressing opinions like mine, would not be safe. Any factual examination of the claims of any minority group, including my own – the Jews – would be considered a subversive anti-inclusive act. That’s why I would like to express my admiration to your own willingness to speak honestly. I could not read all your blogs, but a dozen I did seem to me spot on. I wish you happiness and success.

    Best regards,

    1. Dear Dan, many thanks for sharing your story with Bambi to which she relies in so many ways, from the past to the present, and perhaps now more than ever… We live in sad times where we can no longer say what we think and we are called negatively-charged names for expressing opinions on this or about that issue. Wouldn’t it have been more enriching to go for a coffee or a beer and chat to learn from each other? Aren’t universities supposed to be the places meant to exchange and debate ideas? Bambi has no clue why we prefer to complicate our lives and close our hearts and minds to our fellow human citizens. She is sorry you had to go through this ordeal yourself. This being said, without much philosophy and simply, welcome to you in Canada and on Bambi’s blog (a place of sharing ideas. Surely not a platform for all the acronyms ending with “ism” or “ia”, no worries :)). Thanks for your kind wishes. Bambi sends you the same wishes of happiness and success. Take good care!

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