Why is the city of Hamilton (Ontario) resorting to an apparent Apartheid-style vaccination?



Even Lebanon, which survived a 15-year-long sectarian (+ other) civil war from 1975 to 1990, did not resort to what the City of Hamilton is doing now.

Imagine the Covid-19 vaccines there being prioritized by sectarian groups, such as Shia Muslims, Sunnis, Christians, or whatever else in a Lebanese neighbourhood or village, but not provided to other groups (or vice versa)? Citizens would revolt against such form of apparent “racism” (or “sectarianism”), even if it is presented to them as an “anti-sectarian” public health strategy.

Mind you, there is a word for sectarianism in Arabic, “Al Taifia”, which means loyalty to one’s sect. Thankfully, sectarianism is now rejected by the majority, if not all the people of Lebanon, because it is not only unfair but also a slippery slope with potential tragic outcomes for ALL (i.e., tainted with blood).

To come back to our more peaceful Ontario, which is battling a harsh pandemic-related crisis, why is Hamilton asking its citizens to self-identify as BIPOC to receive the Covid-19 vaccine? Again, BIPOC is the trendy acronym that Bambi is supposed to fit in as a deer of colour ?; BIPOC stands for Black, Indigenous, and people of colour)?  

Why didn’t Hamilton target socio-demographic or medical factors underlying any observed BIPOC health-related data instead (e.g., age, obesity, type 2 diabetes mellitus, other select comorbid health problems, crowded living conditions, or social factors, etc.)?

To conclude this post, does this apparently Apartheid-style vaccination make any sense to you? Anyhow, it does not to Bambi, even if she had been a Hamilton “BIPOC” deer residing “in postal codes L9C, L8W, L8L, L8N and L9K”?

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