Like his family and the artists who produced the moving song below, “Bambi is/remains Raif” (as per the French slogan #JeSuisRaif!).

It is about time for him to join his spouse and kids in Québec/Canada. Please set him free!

The artists behind this powerful song (copied and pasted from the YouTube link above): “Skye Dorval: vocal backing and synths Yves Loiselle: bass Pierre-Luc Racine: drum Providence Sta (Providence St-Amand): Violin Lyrics: Johan Gass & Skye Dorval Guitars: Johan Gass Song and arrangements recorded by Johan Gass at Johan Gass Communications studio except lead voice recorded at Silver Wings Studios. Mixing: Johan Gass and Jonathan Lefrançois-Leduc, Silver Wings Studios Mastering: Jonathan Lefrançois-Leduc, Silver Wings Studios Music video produced by Johan Gass Communications.”

A picture taken in court when Ms. Ensaf Haidar testified in support of Québec’s bill 21 on the state’s secularism that ironically Amnesty International is now criticizing in its recent official report!! The world is truly up side down, no :)?

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