“Photographer Rania Berbery”, “an inspiring” Beirut-based “woman”, as highlighted by NY-based Scopio!

“Mabrouk” or Congratulations, Rania!! Bambi is proud of her sister, Ms. Rania Berbery. She has just been highlighted by the New-York-based Scopio (https://scop.io/), “the largest library of authentic and diverse images that tell stories from around the world” as an “inspiring woman“!

Well, here are Scorpio’s own words: “Even though the Women History Month ended, Scorpio’s mission to highlight inspiring women from all over the world shall never end. Meet @raniaberbery a portrait and documentary photographer from Lebanon who exhibited her work in many famous Lebanese Museums“!

Here is Ms. Berbery’s portrait in her own English words:

picture taken from Scorpio.

Bambi has already posted on Ms. Rania Berbery’s talent, as you can see at the very end of this post.

Ms. Berbery literally went through hell during the Beirut explosion. In addition to losing many close friends, she spent hours looking for her badly injured spouse in several Beirut hospitals whilst her daughter was being driven by a kind man to yet another healthcare centre to treat her injuries. Like her fellow Beirut citizens, she showed a legendary courage, pragmatism, and dignity. Like artists do when facing adversity, she turned the trauma of the surrealistic Beirut port explosion into beautiful pictures that attracted the attention of photography professionals miles away. Bambi, along with all the family deer, are proud of you Rania. Keep up the good work and be safe please!

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