Meet Jenny: She is 28, of German origins, talented in Arabic, and a resident of Lebanon by choice. She seems to adore this country, despite the trauma of the Beirut explosion and the challenges…

Bambi would like to thank her friend Mary for this lovely video :). It somehow reminded her of a fellow Atlantic Canadian citizen she once happily met at the Beirut airport on her way out of the country. Just like Jenny, he mentioned that he has chosen to move to Beirut because of the Mediterranean sea, the good food, the way of living, etc. She recalls his colourful words describing the view of the sea from his sunny balcony. Bambi hopes he and his family are safe and sound too.

OK, the short video below may make you curious about the place Jenny decided to move to after the Beirut surrealistic explosion. It is called “Batroun“. If you wish, you can admire its charm in the following video!

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