What does the 25-year strategic partnership China-Iran mean for Lebanon?

A couple of days ago, Bambi read the Tehran Times (yes, Bambi reads ALL media in life to remain informed and to learn, including this one). She learned that China and Iran signed a 25-year comprehensive strategic partnership:


If you are curious like Bambi, here is this famous strategic partnership pact:


Let’s keep in mind that China, which also sits on the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA; https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Joint_Comprehensive_Plan_of_Action), more commonly known as the Iran nuclear deal or Iran deal, has been recently pushing hard for this deal:


Would it be surprising then to read in the 25-year-signed deal China-Iran the following?

14. Both sides recognize terrorism, extremism and separatism as threats against all humanity and the global peace and stability. Emphasizing the necessity for firm and integrated determination of the international community in fighting the three evil forces, they express their readiness to discuss pragmatic cooperation and policies in this regard. They recognize the UN resolution of “World Against Violence and Extremism” (WAVE) proposed by the Iranian President, H.E. Mr. Hassan Rouhani, as an appropriate framework to attain such goals.

E- Regional and International Domain

17- Both sides reaffirm their support for the multi-polarization process of the international system and express their readiness to tackle global challenges and create a world filled with peace and stability. The two sides reiterate their commitment to the principles enshrined in the United Nations Charter, especially those pertaining to respecting the national sovereignty and territorial integrity as well as non-interference in the internal affairs of countries. They oppose all kinds of use of force or threatening with use of force or imposition of unjust sanctions against other countries as well as all forms and manifestations of terrorism and believe that controversial or acute international issues should be resolved through negotiations and political dialog.

18- The Chinese side appreciates Iran’s constructive role in fighting terrorism and establishing regional peace and stability. Both sides are of the opinion that peace and stability in this region are in line with the common interests of the International Community and express their readiness to enhance bilateral consultations on major regional issues including the developments in Syria and Yemen crisis as well as the establishment of an area free of weapons of mass destruction and resolution of acute issues through political dialog. They support the will of the countries and peoples of the region seeking political systems and development paths conforming to their national conditions, aiming at realizing their sustainable stability and economic and social development. Both sides support the efforts by the countries of the region as well as the people of Palestine to achieve their rights too.

19- Both sides shall enhance their consultations within the framework of regional and international organizations. China attaches importance to Iran’s effective role as the regional power and evaluates positively Iran’s role in activities under the framework of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization and supports Iran’s application for full membership of the Organization.

20- Both sides welcome the agreement reached between the Islamic Republic of Iran and the P5+1 countries on the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) and believe that the agreement contributes toward guaranteeing the peacefulness of Iran’s nuclear activities and results in the full realization of Iran’s legitimate rights to peaceful use of nuclear energy according to the Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT). Both sides emphasize that all relevant parties should implement the JCPOA and the United Nations Security Council Resolution No. 2231 in good faith and in an inclusive and balanced manner and reiterate that they will strive to advance the process of modernization of the Arak heavy-water reactor.

To conclude this post, all the words above would have been beautiful had they not been empty or contrary to what is happening on the ground in the Middle East, and especially in Lebanon. Indeed, Iran is an expert when it comes to war by proxy in the region.

Some of these words even contradict China’s own recent behaviour toward Canada. Indeed, when China talks about “opposition to sanctions”, why did it recently impose sanctions on one of our Canadian Parliamentarians? Thankfully, Minister Garneau denounced this in an official statement on March 27, 2021 (even our PM, despite a history of what looks like an admiration for China. On this one, well done Mr. Trudeau!): https://globalnews.ca/news/7723651/garneau-china-sanctions/

Now, if you still do not believe Bambi, check those sarcastic words of readers of the L’Orient Le Jour quickly translated to English. Bambi has always thought that you get the truth either from children (as they are pure/spontaneous), as per an old Lebanese saying, OR from the citizen’s comments (when this section is open in the mainstream media ?):


“Good news for the bearded [he is referring to the Head of the Hezbollah] 6-foot-under [where he is often being reported to be hiding, when not visiting Iran] and his blind flock except for looking east. No doubt that in the broad outline of this divine pact will be specified the details to finalize the sale of Lebanon” (Reader # 1: R. M).

“Very beneficial exchanges, the Iranians will export in China the archaic darkness of which they are the carriers and the Chinese in Iran the tyranny of the peoples of which they are the experts [he is likely referring to the Uighurs](Reader # 2: E.L.A.)

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