The state of Lebanon: Fragile? At risk of failure? Or already failed? And what’s next for its residents?

Can the world help those (Lebanese politicians) who do not want to help themselves or rather their citizens (democratic processes, reforms to address corruption)?

To what extent can the still more solid yet struggling countries of the world help other more vulnerable states? Should they keep doing it, especially without any anti-corruption reforms?

Until when will Paris, Washington, London, Ottawa, and all the countries and entities of the world (UN, Vatican, etc.) keep urgently calling for the Lebanese politicians to go into elections and to form a new government?

And what if Lebanon goes into elections? Will these elections be transparent and honest… or will history repeat itself, at least with some candidates?

And what if the elections are the most democratic in the world, will the Lebanese citizens choose to re-elect the same sectarian and/or corrupt politicians?

What about those honest politicians or aspiring politicians who truly want to be able to save their country? Will they be able to do so?

What about all these innocent people (not connected to any of the words starting with “M”, namely mafia and/or militia)? They are hopeless because their politicians collectively failed them.

Is it too much to ask for a basic quality of life in 2021?

It may seem odd, anti-environmental, and not very civilized to burn tyres in the middle of streets and to block highways and roads. True… but do these people have any choice?

It is surely sad to watch from far away and see a Red Cross ambulance carrying a Covid-19 patient stuck in the traffic. Bambi watched a Naharnet news video with citizens carrying one senior sick woman on their own backs between the cars.

Well, Bambi will stop here… as there is nothing much that could be said about the tiny, bankrupt yet dignified Lebanon… but until when?!

Why should history have to repeat itself? Why should the problems of countries of the Middle East and elsewhere become the reasons of massive immigration to other welcoming, beautiful countries (European mainly, but also here in North America, in Africa, South America, Australia/New Zealand, and elsewhere…)?

Shouldn’t we help countries save their own issues in their own places first?

If we do not do this, older, recent, and new immigrants will all keep singing songs like the following one… beautiful yet very moving words (French with English subtitles). It is entitled “Adieu mon pays“. Thank you Mr. Enrico Macias for your immortal talent!

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