Sending a song with love to family and friends, nearby or across the miles…

Bambi listened to this most wonderful song in her playlist the other day. Today, she wants to dedicate it, first and foremost, to her loved ones across the ocean. Someone in particular will be likely smiling whilst reading this post… Well, this is to our beautiful singing memories in the car in Dutch, French, English, or whatever other language :).

Bambi would like to take this opportunity to also send this song to loved ones celebrating their birthdays today in Canada and Lebanon. Happy Birthday!

She will also send it to her own dad (he knows why)… and mom! To our beautiful family memories and also to those more dramatic memories related to war and to this beautiful city.

Of course, this song also goes to her Dear friend in Montreal… this is the place where our friendship and Canadian journey began together on a certain June 16/17, 1990….

Last but not least, Brel’s beautiful words are also and especially dedicated to friends/family who may be going through more rough times in our pandemic times.

May everyone be safe and sound… May music, health, healing, peace and love always prevail!

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