It is neither “toxic masculinity” nor “schizophrenia”… and even if it was the latter, Dr. Jordan Peterson makes more sense that the Times journalist

If you have 42 minutes of your free time to fill, the video below is a must-watch.

Even if you are someone who likes to write your pronouns after your name on TV screens or at the end of emails, you will learn from this video valuable lessons about medicine/medication and about humanity.

For instance, you will learn about a condition called akathisia (, about the love of a daughter for her dad (Mikhaila and Jordan Peterson), the mean nature of human beings and professional degradation (the journalist in question), a renowned psychologist and one of the rare thinkers of our world (Dr. Peterson).

Bambi shares Ms. Mikhaila Peterson’s anger and disappointment. She is sad to hear about this story. The journalist goes to low levels of stupidity when she compares Ms. Peterson to the spokesperson of Mr. Trump (or whatever she said). Should we laugh or cry? Let’s laugh, it is all we have left to keep our sanity in our world ?.

This sad story is not new. When Dr. Peterson or his daughter announced his ordeal and travels for treatment, some so-called Canadian intellectuals/activists on the so-called sweet Twitter (compared to the mean Parler) rejoiced to hear he was suffering. Can you imagine how sad our world has become ☹? We are happy to see another human being suffering…

Seriously now, Bambi is happy Dr. Peterson is doing well. This is what matters the most. May his spouse heal/be as well as possible in her rare cancer journey. May Mikhaila keep on feeling well and look as beautiful as she is looking (minus the tears).

More importantly, Bambi is happy to hear that his second book will be published on March 2, 2021. Ms. Mikhaila Peterson said that she read it and it is even better than the first. How is that possible? Because the first was excellent, imagine how the next will be. Bambi is eager to purchase it!

One thought on “It is neither “toxic masculinity” nor “schizophrenia”… and even if it was the latter, Dr. Jordan Peterson makes more sense that the Times journalist”

  1. I was a graduate student when I met Dr. Peterson in Montreal. We were both at the same research center for a short period of time. I still remember one question he asked me when he learned that I was studying the effects of persistent poverty on the behavioral and academic outcomes in adolescents, “Could there not be a subjective component to poverty?” Basically he was asking whether the ‘thought of being poor’ can actually bring about its own impact on the overall well-being of children and their family. I didn’t listen; albeit, I knew he was right.
    Dr. Peterson is among the best in his field. He has a right to his privacy, and I absolutely feel it is completely unfair, and disgusting to know that a reputable magazine would create such suffering for him and his family.

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