961: “8 Lebanese at Moderna just received the National Order of Merit”… among them Bambi’s childhood friend Dr. Charbel Haber

Bambi would like to thank her dad for sharing this wonderful piece of information!


Her dad called Bambi to inform her that her good childhood friend is among one of the amazing American scientists of Lebanese origin at Moderna who have just been honoured by their country of origins, tiny bankrupt yet proud Lebanon! Indeed, they all received the National Order of Merit at the Lebanese Embassy in Washington!

Bambi’s Beirut childhood friend is Dr. Charbel Haber, Head of Regulatory Affairs at Moderna! Bambi had the chance to thank him by email on New Year, wishing him and his family her best wishes! When you are working under such worldwide pressure, you deserve all the applauds. So does your family (Maria, his spouse and their children) for all their support! Bambi is proud of you Charbel (and of them too)! She congratulates your amazing brother Marwan and your wonderful mom in Beirut. Your whole family (including your dad from heaven) are all proud today… Bambi shares their joy and pride. Louis and her family in Beirut too!

Bambi is happy to see Lebanon honouring its inspiring diaspora: it seems that a few weeks ago, it honoured the Lebanese-British singer Mika for his I love Beirut concert following the surrealistic yet still unaccountable explosion of August 4, 2021.

Before sharing the names of all those honoured along with Dr. Haber, Bambi would like to say a few words about his professional journey. After earning a PhD in Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering from Johns Hopkins University in 1999, he earned an Master of Public Health (MPH) and a Master of Business Administration (MBA) from the Thomas Jefferson Hospitals and Thunderbird School of Global Management respectively. From there, he went to have an enriching career in the USA and even abroad. He has also worked as an Adjunct Professor at Johns Hopkins.

Dr. Charbel Haber

In addition to his scientific skills, Dr. Haber happens to also be a talented musician and singer. More importantly, he is one of the good souls of our world (with his values), giving us hope in humanity.

Now, let’s say a few words about all those honoured, along with Dr. Haber. Bravo to them too!! First, here are their names, as per 961 (and the Facebook public link above shared by Bambi’s dad, by Mr. Paul Sader):

A team of 8 executives and scientists of Lebanese descent working at American pharmaceutical and biotechnology company Moderna“:

“The Lebanese members, including the company’s Lebanese-Armenian co-founder and chairman, were granted the Lebanese National Order of Merit in honor of their success in developing the Covid-19 vaccine with 94% effectiveness.

Ambassador Issa presented the National Order of Merit to:

  1. Dr. Noubar Afeyan, the Co-founder and Chairman of MODERNA
  2. Mr. Marcello Damiani, Chief Digital & Operational
  3. Mr. Said Francis, Senior VP for Business Development & Corporate Strategy
  4. Mr. Charbel Haber, Senior VP for Regulatory Affairs
  5. Dr. François Nader, Board Member
  6. Ms. Monique Yoakim Turk, Director, Program & Alliance Management
  7. Mr. Joe Sarkis, Associate Director
  8. Ms. Joyce Kfoury Sousa, Quality Control Manager”.

Of note (and, no, it is not only because of his family name :)), Dr. Alex Azar, from the former US Administration was also honoured by Lebanon for his “lifetime achievements in public service“!

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