Bambi’s citizen opinion and no this is not hate speech, Mr. Guilbeault: If Mr. Biden is in an excellent mental health (bravo), whose “puppet” is he? Who is running the show on behalf of which external entity who may be only dreaming of destroying his country?

According to his physicians and as reported in the American media, President Biden is in an excellent health, even if he does not look like it, thank Goodness for him (and his family!):

Now, this being said, here is his tweet:

How does Mr. Biden define “systemic” racism? Bambi is curious.

At his inauguration, when he said some words along those lines of wokeism, Bambi looked at the faces of people in the audience (when the camera was moving). Although she may be wrong, she noticed one man not applauding then, even if he could just have been listening or absorbing. This man was Former President Clinton.

Does all this new language of apparent communism (equality of outcomes and not of opportunities) make sense to him? Bambi wonders.

And then we wonder why so many Americans of Latino, African-ancestry, and even Lebanese ancestry did not vote for Mr. Biden (even if some of them may have been traditionally Democrats). Mmm… (–les-latinos-auraient-davantage-vote-pour-trump).

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