Canadians who cherish free expression, like Bambi, are not pleased with the apparently distorted definition of “hate speech” of their federal government

When a teacher in France was decapitated (sadly in the name of a beautiful religion hijacked by a minority of radicalized individuals), Mr. Trudeau refused to stand up for free expression.

Bambi was disappointed by our Prime Minister’s attitude (see an older post on this topic below). Back then, she wondered if he was pandering to any interest group or potential voters? Or perhaps he was just being naive or maybe lacked courage? Could it be?

This week, we heard our Minister of Canadian heritage (himself a former environmental radical, for the record) putting child pornography/sexual exploitation and “terrorist” propaganda in the same basket as “hate speech” or even “violent content”:

How does he define hate speech and what is violent for him?

A cartoon, a movie, the news, or citizens, like Dr. Pardy or even Bambi, informing our Minister that they disagree with him (as shown below)?

In all honesty, is our government being truly and completely sincere in wanting to create a so-called online “safe space” (as if we did not have enough of those in our non-virtual world already where we are being rather over-protective)?

Or is our government trying to cleverly silence (or cancel) the political competition during the next electoral campaign or in the decision-making process of the current minority government?

Or is it mainly/only interested in silencing voices of dissent? By that Bambi means those worried about the direction(s) our government is taking our country into?

Please Mr. Guilbeault, try not to copy the apparently “fascist”, or at least controlling, strategies used lately in our neighbouring country. They may have a cultural war (of opposing political views), and even this does not justify excesses in Bambi’s mind, at least. Why should we be that extreme when our society tends to be more passive or conformist, in comparison?

Canadians deserve better than what is resembling more and more “a soft dictatorship”, at least in Bambi’s eyes.

Why don’t you engage in a true conversation with us instead of seeming to impose on us biased polls and policies?

In addition, Bambi (and likely other citizens) would appreciate it if you can refrain from the temptation of using this pandemic OR take advantage of your weak official opposition in Parliament (the so-called Conservatives or at least their Chief) to pass such legislation.

So, to conclude this post, one question: Is a risk of a “soft dictatorship” the Canada we want for us and for our children… or children of our children?

Thank Goodness, Bambi does not have offspring to worry about. However, she loves her Canada from the bottom of her heart. She also loves freedom in life. Because of this, and without wanting to sound (too) alarmist, she is worried about our long-term future, as a country if we do not take the time to reflect before engaging in short-slighted political decisions.

Yes, she is worried… and, as a reminder, she has almost always voted for the Liberal party over three decades (minus twice). She is truly a classical liberal. When she does not recognize herself in our current government’s policies anymore, this means that we are past the slippery slope.

We are on the edge of a cliff.

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