Mr. Justin Trudeau in the middle of a pandemic: Do as I say, not as I do…

Many politicians acted in a hypocritical way during the Christmas holidays. Some even lost their jobs upon their return home.

When you do not believe in the efficacy of severe lockdowns like the unelected Mr. Maxime Bernier (PPC) and you travel in early December for a week off, there is no scandal there (contrary to what some reported or repeated online). This politician, whether you agree with his libertarian economic ideas or not, lives according to his principles, even in pandemic times. Good for him. Bambi hopes that he and his spouse had a relaxing time. Mind you, this politician’s new party, along with Mr. Yves-François Blanchet’s party in the opposition (BQ), did not take a penny from the government during the pandemic (contrary to all the other parties). Interesting, isn’t it?

In contrast, the problem in life (and public life) is when you behave in a hypocritical way like our own PM, saying one thing to his population and doing another behind its (= our!) back… with our own tax money (private jets)?

Bambi would not be surprised, if this information is confirmed (the Rebel News journalists are looking into it). If it is not accurate, those journalists would owe Mr. Trudeau an apology.

Bambi trusts more those journalists because of the past behaviour of Mr. Trudeau. For instance, during his last electoral campaign, he would give one message in French and its opposite in English. Unilingual Canadians (the majority) will not be examining the congruence of these messages, as Bambi did for fun and to educate herself.

Despite all his recurrent conflicts of interests, despite his poor performance and mistakes, Mr. Trudeau got re-elected a second time (losing Bambi’s vote though when she opened her eyes ?). Bambi would not be surprised if he does get re-elected again the next time despite all this, mind you.

The tragedy is that even when citizens do notice the double-standards of our politicians (one rule of law for them and another for the rest of us), they will have a ready justification for our Prince Trudeau, unlike other politicians. Remember, double-standard is the key term here and it goes both ways.

Mind you, here is the CTV telling us that “Mr. Trudeau is disappointed by politicians travelling abroad against advice“:

This being said, if they truly did travel abroad, Bambi hopes that Mr. Trudeau (+ his family) also had a good time like Mr. Bernier and all those politicians who travelled abroad. Everyone deserves a vacation after a stressful year, this is not the issue.

The problem is political hypocrisy and the tragedy is how our mainstream journalists do not seem to be interested in holding our powerful politicians, namely Mr. Trudeau, accountable by asking him questions on behalf of the population (at least those of us who care about the truth). Not just with this issue that may seem trivial to some, but with others even more serious.

This being said, to conclude this post, Bambi hopes that all those who travelled abroad, politicians or not, respected their quarantine upon their return.


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