Politicians are getting sillier in front of our citizen eyes…

Today, the Chief of the Conservative party, Mr. O’Toole, expelled one of its members (called Mr. Derek Sloan) because he received a donation from a so-called Nazi or a so-called white supremacist (at least according to the mainstream media… so not too sure, if this is in the true sense).

Mmm, it turned out that the headquarters of the Conservative party itself also received a donation from the same source ? ?.

What does this tell us?

  1. How can you tell the sympathy of each donor? Is this realistically possible? Some funders may be extremists on this side and others extremists on another side.
  2. Will Mr. O’Toole fire himself from his party now? Or cancel it altogether? ?.
  3. The game of political correctness or identity politics or wokeness is a dangerous game. It is like playing with fire. One day, the fire can burn the person playing with it. So, why is Mr. O’Toole playing the same game as his opponent, Mr. Trudeau, and many others like Mr. Singh and politicians abroad too.

As far as Bambi is concerned, she is sick and tired of all politicians, even if some are decent, thankfully. Without being unfair to the latter, perhaps she is fed up specifically of those two big parties fighting each other for power by pretending to be like each other (perhaps they are the two sides of the same coin of silliness in reality?). Some other politicians are not hesitating one second in showing their authoritarian or hypocritical side in the pandemic. However, the latter would be topic of another post.

Bambi has more respect for Mr. Yves-François Blanchet (even if she does not agree with him on one or two points or visions. She appreciates that the Bloc is playing the role of an authentic and clever opposition), Mr. Maxime Bernier who is not in Ottawa now (she agrees with him on several issues especially the vision of the unity of Canada and the economics, namely a smaller and more efficient government… BUT not all issues at all times), and for the Green party (not her favourite party to vote for, as she is more to the centre of socialism or environmentalism, but she highly respects its REAL green concerns and thanks them!). Of course, Bambi has the utmost respect for Ms. Jody Wilson-Raybould, an independent MP. What these politicians have in common is their clear positions for what they stand up for. It is up to us the voters to decide whose platform makes the most sense at a particular time in history.

Talking about history or the past that won’t come back, needless to say that Bambi has respect for the former NDP leaders (Mr. Layton who left us too early and Mr. Thomas Mulcair, a man of integrity and deep thinking).

Sadly, in Bambi’s opinion, what we are increasingly witnessing is men and women pretending to be whom they are not and… accusing others of being racist, as a political weapon or if they do not agree with them. The racist card is thus used lightly and in bad faith to symbolically kill/cancel the competition. Sometimes they use the card of sexual harassment in such a politically nasty way. Bambi knows politicians who did that, here and abroad. When she sees that, this upsets her because the REAL victims of abuse/rape no one cares for them :(.

To conclude this post, where are the political convictions in life? Where are the authentic debates of ideas? Where are the values and vision for our country? Why does everything seem to be about winning votes only? Is all this only for the sake of power and its benefits, etc.?

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