Hilarious: Thanks Dr. and Ms. Saad for your sense of humour

Humour is always refreshing, regardless of the politician(s) or country in question (USA, Canada, or Lebanon… or other).

Humour is also a form of healthy communication in our Orwellian times of black and white thinking… as well in times of civil wars.

If we lose our sense of humour, we are doomed.

Reality is never all white or all black. There are shades. There are also nuances.

Lebanon has been torn like the USA between opposing views for many years, called March 14 and March 8, if Bambi recalls well. Perhaps these two visions do not exist or are diluted in the multiple crises of this tiny bankrupt but eternal country.

Well, Bambi vividly recalls how a good friend asked her when she was in Toronto if she is with this or that view. She replied, in all honesty, I think there is merit here and there. I may have more sympathy for one view versus the other, but it does not mean the other side is not important to part of the Lebanese population or does not have any merit.

The friend said something like you cannot say that. You have to clearly take a position (for this friend, the so-called March 8 was the good vision for Lebanon and the other view was the “evil” one, to use a word said by Ms. Saad). Well, she replied that she does not agree, even if she has her own preference maybe (which was not shared by her friend). She added something like the challenge of Lebanon is maybe to know how to integrate both visions in order to unite and move forward. She explained that, for her, not taking a side is actually a position in itself. The friend seemed to have trouble accepting this whereas she refused to see evil in those supporting the other view.

They ended up joking about all this and changed the topic (despite the seriousness of the tragedies there from the assassination of the Former Prime Minister Hariri, along with innocent citizens, and all the killing of those from the March 14 side).

To conclude this post and come back to the American context, thanks for the joke Dr. Saad and for your spouse for participating in this video.

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