Ms. Sarah Copeland: “My life is on hold, frozen at the moment my son died in the Beirut blast”

Isaac’s mom, Ms. Sarah Copeland, wrote a letter published in the Guardian:

Bambi’s heart goes to Ms. Copeland. She will allow herself to send her a virtual hug, if she may (her heart also goes to Isaac’s dad and larger family).

Is anyone from the Lebanese corrupt, useless, or criminal politicians reading the Guardian today, by any chance?

Ms. Copeland and all the 204 families of the Beirut victims’ are still waiting for the truth and for justice. Same for the 6000+ injured citizens, including kids (as a reminder, Lexou, a Lebanese-Canadian, toddler lost her life, like Isaac… other children lost their eyes. Indeed, Bambi will always remember this young Syrian refugee kid she heard on the news). Bambi forgot the count of those still homeless (perhaps 300,000 families or even more?) or jobless.

For Isaac and for all those affected by this surrealistic Beirut port explosion that destroyed a large part of the city and people’s lives, once again, where is the truth? And where is the accountability?

At least, where is the evidence that lessons have been truly learned from this tragedy?

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