As one of Bambi’s friends just said: “Welcome to the Fascist States of America”

Are the United States of America in a form of civil war?

If not, why are their tech giants (Apple, Twitter, FB, Instagram) as well as their mainstream media censoring a US President like that… even if his name is Mr. Trump? Bambi is asking because they closed his Twitter account again, and this time it seems to be permanent.

Is it normal to corner and cancel a President in a democracy? Not any President of any country? We are talking about the President of the United States of America, one of the most powerful countries in the world (up until now, at least).

If they can shut their President up, what will they do to regular (non-connected) citizens?

Indeed, it seems that big American tech companies have already censored MANY citizens, not just the President. From far, it looks like a purge, even if the term seems exaggerated. Some citizens report being put on no-fly lists by the authorities, including at least one legitimate journalist. Bambi listened to the Rubin Report this evening (before Mr. Dave Rubin gets silenced too, she told herself). This is how she learned about this journalist who was cancelled upon his return from Washington and about thousands of citizens already banned from social media for their views.

Why can’t people have the right to have whichever political opinion they wish to have? Citizens are normally free to think what they want. They have all the right to doubt that systemic electoral issues or even frauds truly happened, if they wish. Why not? Who is Apple to tell them what opinion they should have? Even if the results are final now and it is time to come together and hopefully reconcile to move forward, as a country.

Plus, if it is a just a few individuals who criminally entered the Capitol, why are we demoralizing half of the country like that?

Don’t the winners want to govern the whole country?

Or, in reality at least for now, they don’t seem to care about the other half of their population.

Many may have not voted for the winners. Some citizens may have voted for Mr. Trump without being fans, in order not to vote for them. Some may have voted for Mr. Trump because his policies are better than his character. Others may even have not voted at all as the two Presidential options suck, for different reasons.

Most importantly, once again, why aren’t we addressing the initial problem that may have led to all this in the first place?

Something is clearly not working well in this country and it has been the case for a long while now (years maybe). Will their politicians one day have the wisdom to stop, ask why, debate the questions, and try to find solutions?

She does not know about you, and again Bambi has never ever been a Trump supporter. However, in those scary times of censorship like that , she wonders if we may even regret one day Mr. Trump. You may laugh to this latter comment. You may be even triggered, who knows? You may think that Bambi lost her mind. Well, she is saying so, because in a sense, with ALL his craziness, Mr. Trump acted as an obstacle to the collective insanity (including all the violent excesses since this summer, culminating with the horrible scenes in the Capitol and the loss of lives).

When the United States of America starts to look more like China or Iran (or sadly Beirut, even if Lebanon’s citizens still push back their own fascism…), it is not good news for our neighbours. It is surely not good news for all of us, in Canada and the (free) world. Indeed, it is sad and worrisome.

To conclude this post, Bambi hopes that those powerful entities will come to their senses before destroying the most precious value in their country: freedom.

4 thoughts on “As one of Bambi’s friends just said: “Welcome to the Fascist States of America””

  1. Food for Thought, By Demian Hammock
    “Progressivism is a form of Collective Psychosis”
    & you can quote me on that!

    Back By Ambiguous Terms & Theories &
    “The Science”, but Not Science! e.g.

    *Climate Change
    *Speech Codes
    * Big Tech
    *Critical Race Theory, etc…

    For the record “Socialism” now goes under the banner/umbrella of
    “Progressivism” don’t be fooled.

    Sincerely, Demian Hammock

  2. As one of Bambi’s friends just said: “Welcome to the Fascist States of America”
    Very True Indeed!

    Economic/Social Philosophies of the 21st Century
    Are we Moving Towards a Segregated Fascist Society?

    The Philosophy Kings
    Hitler, Stalin & Mussolini

    Communism – No industrial base an economic collective type model.
    Stalin, The Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (U.S.S.R.).

    ” Withering away of the state ” is a Marxist concept coined by Friedrich Engels referring to the idea that, with realization of socialism, the social institution of a state will eventually become obsolete and disappear as the society will be able to govern itself without the state and its coercive enforcement of the law.”
    (The Soviets don’t even get the basic theory correct of Marx and Engels).

    Socialism – Industrial base and have State-run industries.
    Hitler, The National Socialist German Workers’ Party (NAZI’s).

    Fascism – Industrial base and have State industries mostly independent but follow a doctrine.
    Mussolini, The National Fascist Party (PNF).

    The Italian term (fascism) fascismo is derived from fascio meaning “a bundle of sticks”

    “Fascism promoted a corporatist economic system whereby employer and employee syndicates are linked together (Twitter) in associations to collectively represent the nation’s economic producers and work alongside the state to set national economic policy.[3] This economic system intended to resolve class conflict through collaboration between the classes.[4]”
    (Fascism has nothing to do with race).

    Though at the same time today in the 21st Century are seemly moving in a direction of a more segregated society Critical Race Theory (CRT). Identity Socialism, tribalism e.g. “Mischling Test refers to the legal test under Nazi Germany’s Nuremberg Laws that was applied to determine whether a person was considered a “Jew” or a “Mischling” (mixed-blood)”.

    Western Democracies in the 21st Century seems to be a cross between Orwell, Huxley, and Marshall McLuhan.

    “The medium is the message ” is a phrase coined by the Canadian communication theorist Marshall McLuhan and introduced in his Understanding Media:” Wikipedia

    All wrapped up in one perfect nightmare. Led by a culture of fear and public shaming.
    For argument’s sake, I will just call it 21st Century,”Progressive Segregated Fascist Socialism”(PSFS).

    Sincerely Demian Hammock,

    BFA, Mount Allison University; Diploma of Advanced Studies, Human Resources Management, NBCC.

    1. Food for thought. Bambi is honoured to post your thoughtful comment Demian, read your suggestions, and reflect about all this. Thank you for being a thinker (rare nowadays :)), for sharing, and for reading this blog.

    2. An Elaboration on Part I
      Part II By, Demian Hammock
      Seeing The Forest (Nazi Socialism) Through the Trees

      The National Socialist German Workers’ Party (NAZI’S) were the only party to inherit a true industrial base.

      In the U.S.S.R and Italy, there was not much to control in the way of industry. The U.S.S.R was more agriculturally based than Italy at the time.

      Theoretically for real socialism to work there would need to be a real industry base to start with e.g. England, Germany. That meant by default the Nazis were the only ones that could truly be a successful socialist economy. The Nazis had an actual industrial base to manipulate and control unlike the Soviets or the Italians.

      If you worked in industry one had to be a NAZI. Your industry’s agenda was the agenda of the NAZI party period even if it said Siemens outside, the German factory, corporate complicity.
      Many industries were produced directly as a result of existing industries by the Nazi party to reach the goal of socialism an affordable car for the masses, the Volkswagen.

      “Volkswagen(The Peoples Car), shortened to VW, is a German automaker founded in 1937 by the German Labour Front and Ferdinand Porsche to the request of Adolf Hitler, known for the iconic Beetle and headquartered in Wolfsburg. It is the flagship brand of the Volkswagen Group, the largest automaker by worldwide sales in 2016 and 2017.” Wikipedia

      Sometimes Termed, German Corporate Complicity

      Two examples will serve to illustrate how sensitive German companies have been to reminders of their complicity with the Nazis.

      “Contemporary scholars are continuing to learn about the extent to which Siemens, and every major German business in the Thirties and Forties, was implicated in the brutality of Nazi economic policies, most egregiously through the abuse of forced and slave laborers. Siemens ran factories at Ravensbrück and in the Auschwitz subcamp of Bobrek, among others, and the company supplied electrical parts to other concentration and death camps. In the camp factories, abysmal living and working conditions were ubiquitous: malnutrition and death were not uncommon. Recent scholarship has established how, despite German industry’s repeated denials, these camp factories were created, run, and supplied by the SS in conjunction with company officials — sometimes high-level employees.”
      “Until recently, most of the controversies about German industry and the Nazis surfaced in West Germany, not in the United States. To be sure, for many decades some Americans refused to buy German products, particularly automobiles made by Volkswagen, BMW, and Daimler-Benz. But American writers, from the mid-1950s to 1968, did not publish much about German corporate complicity. This changed somewhat with the publication in 1968 of William Manchester’s The Arms of Krupp,4 a 950-page book about Germany’s “royal family” of armaments manufacturers, a family whose company produced weapons during many conflicts, including the First and Second World Wars.”

      Sometimes people forget, the obvious, and why the Nazis were Socialists were never to the Right, Conservative, unlike Sir. Winston Churchill who was an actual conservative and to the Right.

      The U.S.S.R eventually drop the word communists altogether and indicate they were a pure socialist because they felt by the 80’s they had an actual successful industrial base to be a socialist empire, next step utopia! That did not turn out too well.

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