Why are some politicians calling for Mr. Trump’s removal, if his term will end in 14 days anyways?


All the violence that has been unfolding in the United States since the summer is sad to watch.

First, BLM-protests (BLM Antifa, etc.) burning and breaking into businesses. The media called them “peaceful protests“. Some Democrats were even paying to bail them out of jail, Bambi read today.

Tonight, we saw horrible images of Trump supporters breaking into the US Capitol. Sadly, one young woman lost her life.

Some are even wondering if some Antifa members were among this group. Why? Because some videos showed us police officers allowing them into the building whereas one hero inside tried to push them down the stairs.

Why did the police allow them in?

Why are the politicians using this incident as an excuse not to consider dealing with the so-called fraud?

Who is the President still, Mr. Trump or Mr. Twitter?

Why did they censor him (Twitter, Facebook)?

At least, they left one if his wisest comments ever (see below).

To conclude this post, regardless of Mr. Biden’s win (congrats again to him), will we ever know if there has been cheating yes or no, as per this letter below? Bambi remains curious.

In her mind, if there has been cheating, Mr. Trump’s reaction would make sense.

If there was no cheating, he would be truly a sore loser.

Which one is it? Bambi is asking and she is not even a Trump supporter.

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