To what extent are tech giants part of the American (civil unrest) problem?

It is troubling to see the United States of America so divided.

Is is normal for American citizens to receive such messages from YouTube?

Is it also normal for Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram to silence a President for an undetermined period of time? It is odd, especially that he tweeted twice wisely asking for the following:

Is this Iran or China? Or are we still in the United States of America?

Bambi is asking all this and she is not a Trump supporter. She is not even American.

She just has respect for all voters and thus for democracy.

So, if no cheating has occurred, why this excessive behaviour by those companies? What are they trying to hide or prevent? Or build political alliance with?

They say it is because of the violence of yesterday. Fine, we get it. It was indeed ugly and sad to watch! Violence is ALWAYS sad and unacceptable. However, who died and made these companies tech kings and queens censoring citizens like that?

As a reminder, one young woman lost her life (Bambi heard possibly others as well). For what? For whom? For Mr. Trump or Mr. Biden? Is is worth it? No politician in our world deserves that innocent citizens die for him/her. Surely not for Mr. Trump. Surely, neither for Mr. Biden, nor Ms. Harris. Surely for none of our own Canadian politicians… and definitely NONE of the Lebanese politicians!

Plus, it is ironic to see the same American politicians who were almost cheering for the politically-correct violence this summer now expressing how much they are offended by yesterday’s violence. Why can’t someone see the whole picture altogether and denounce all violence? Indeed, violence is always bad news. It is so when it targets innocent business owners as much as when it storms a federal building.

Mr. Trump may be individually odd and/or crazy. However, collectively, the other side (the ruling class in 13-14 days) does not seem to be that wiser, at least in Bambi’s eyes. Indeed, both sides seem to be fighting for power to the point of forgetting what should matters the most here: Their country. Bambi is saying so with all due respect. Congrats again to Mr. Biden and his new administration.

To conclude this post, Bambi has seen many crazy politicians in her life thus far. Citizens should never ever think that one leader or one party is their Messiah (that has perhaps been the mistake of Lebanese people during their civil war). No political leader is a Messiah or a Saint. In the end, politicians come and go, but countries stay. At times, countries can sadly get into civil war, struggling to continue to exist.

Once again, please do not Lebanonize the USA. This beautiful country deserves better days than a fate of self-destruction. We also deserve it to remain strong… because if the United States of America falls, we all fall with it.

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