What will Lebanese politicians do if, on January 6, Mr. Trump remains in power, even if the chances are low? What if Mr. Pence ends up the one in charge of the USA? Or imagine Ms. Nancy Pelosi? Or God knows whom… instead of their favourite Mr. Biden?

Mr. Jan Kubis, the United Nations (UN) Special Coordinator for Lebanon, tweeted the following harsh yet true words, as you can see below.

Is anyone from the Lebanese political elite, with at least one lobe in their brains, listening (yes, Lebanese politicians can survive with just one brain lobe)?

In other terms, we have already established they are heartless, but what about their brains? Is there hope still?

Why are they still aligning their country to foreign entities?

When will they learn that Lebanon’s only salvation is when it is put first?

Is it too much for them to put the Lebanese people whom they are supposed to be representing and serving FIRST, before their own interests?

To conclude this post, thank you Mr. Kubis for this message.

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