Why is the Globe and Mail promoting silly yet dangerous ideology in the Canadian business sector?

The more Bambi reads woke articles or hear woke speeches, the more she is convinced that those who pretend to be fighting racism are stupidly and shamelessly promoting racism.

If you do not see what Bambi means, and if you have the luxury of wasting your free time, you may wish to read this article in the Globe and Mail entitled “The reluctance of Canadian businesses to collect race-based data needs to end”:


Yes, it is one of these articles that uses terms like “race” and “ethnicity” in the same sentence, like “intersectionality” (of victimhood), like Diversity and Inclusion (of course, not Intellectual diversity…), blahblahblah.

When will this intimidation stop?

And why are Canadian businesses endorsing this movement?

In other terms, what are they afraid of?

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